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Can't-Miss Summer Movie Make-ups  by Joe Nazzaro
Can\'t-Miss Summer Movie Make-ups
Photos by Peter Mountain ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer Inc. All rights reserved. On-set photos at far right ©Joel Harlow

We go behind the scenes of The Lone Ranger, The Conjuring and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to talk to make-up artists Joel Harlow, Justin Raleigh, Jo-Ann MacNeil and Paul Jones about the looks they created for each film.

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About This Issue
Issue No. 103
August / September 2013 Two Covers!
Price: $5.00
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The Tech Package: From the intersection of practical and digital effects to the latest tools, we cover what artists need to know now. By Andrew Clement, Chris Koseluk and Joe Nazzaro

Can't-Miss Summer Movie Make-ups: Behind the scenes of The Lone Ranger, The Conjuring and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. By Joe Nazzaro

Ride On: Easy Rider fuels Jim Leonard's amazing art.

Divas' Choice: Meet Kristofer Buckle, the artist Christina, J-Lo and Mariah keep on speed dial. By Stephanie Brooks

Making a Lasting Impression: Rob Freitas is a master mold maker. By Shannon Shea

Where Beauty Meets Beast: Bill Turpin tweaks beauty make-up.

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