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Women of Color  by Kelly Cunningham
Women of Color

Kelly Cunningham talks to Roxanna Floyd about how she realized her dream of becoming a make-up artist and is now the nation's most sought after African-American make-up expert, with a regular client list that includes Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston and Queen Latifah.
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Issue No. 24
April / May 2000
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Stoned Again: A Bigger, Better Flintstones

The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas, the sequel to 1994’s The Flintstones, is a joyous ode to the splendor of imaginative character make-ups. Which is exciting for co-department heads Christina Smith and Cindy Barr-Bright (who was department head on the original) and special make-up/prosthetics artist Matthew Mungle. Join MA as we find out why, in Matthew Mungle’s words, this movie “was really hard, an enormous undertaking. But it was all worth it - The Flintstones was a lot of fun in the end.”

Roxanna Floyd: Woman of Color

Even as a child, Floyd had big dreams of making it in the make-up industry, ever since she saw those beautiful women behind the make-up counter at her local department store. Not only did she make it, she is now one of the nation’s most sought after African-American make-up experts; her regular clientele includes Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, and Queen Latifah, just to name a few. Often referred to as The Queen of Natural, Floyd is a master at creating glamorous looks with very little make-up. We talk with her about her career, her favorite products and what is takes to make it in the make-up industry.

Alternative Choices: Make-Up Careers Outside of Entertainment

The idea of a career in make-up artistry has captured the dreams and aspirations of many. The creativity, challenge, fun and (on rare occasions) fame and glamour, are a strong lure for those who have “caught the bug.” Although one of the most popular career destinations for aspiring artists has been film and television make-up, the area of make-up artistry is very diverse and there are many alternatives. Join MA as we explore the many possibilities available, from retail to runway. You may discover a new passion for an area of make-up you had not considered.
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