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The Living Canvas  by Wendy Helfenbaum
The Living Canvas
All photos courtesy of the artists

Top international body painters, from Yolanda Bartram to Vargas, share their secrets to success.

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About This Issue
Issue No. 82
January / February 2010
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First-ever Toronto IMATS Makes History: The new Eastern Canada show draws make-up pros and fans. By Erica Shallow

Return of the Wolfman: Rick Baker revisits an iconic character; we look back at movie werewolf history. By Joe Nazzaro; history by John Goodwin

Gleam Team: This beauty spread goes for glam with silver, gold and black. Make-up by Angela Holthuis; photographed by Izabela Habur

Must-See TV Make-up: Look for mud, blood, vampires and models in 2010. By Joe Nazzaro and Keith Loria

The Living Canvas: Top international body painters share their secrets to success. By Wendy Helfenbaum

Color Chameleon: In Dior veteran Tyen's world, any shade is possible and ugly doesn't exist. By Make-Up Artist staff

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The Living Canvas Issue No. 82
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