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Make-Up Artist Magazine Issue No.100

Alternate Cover
Make-Up Artist Magazine Issue No.100

Issue No. 100
February / March 2013 Two Covers!

IMATS Toronto Packs Congress Centre Erica Shallow
Mutants on the Move Chris Koseluk
Faas and Furious Martha Calhoon
Presidential Profiles Joe Nazzaro
Return to Middle Earth Joe Nazzaro
Oscar Watch Joe Nazzaro
Welcome to Issue 100!
Ready for Their Close-ups Joe Nazzaro
Make-up Moments in Movies Chris Koseluk
Body Work Chris Koseluk
Trailer-Made Romance Stephanie Brooks


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IMATS Toronto Packs Congress Centre
IMATS Toronto Packs Congress Centre by Erica Shallow
A record-breaking 3,000-plus guests attended classes and shopped for deals at the fourth annual IMATS Toronto, held Nov. 17-18, 2012 at the Toronto Congress Centre. Highlights from the show included beauty keynote speaker Lottie, keynote speakers Josh Turi (key make-up artist for Saturday Night Live) and Gordon Smith and much more.

For more on the show, pick up the print or digital edition—available by subscription here. To order a single-issue digital edition, go to Google Play or iTunes. And for more photos from the event, visit the photo gallery.

Mutants on the Move
Mutants on the Move by Chris Koseluk
Make-Up Artist magazine visited the set of American Horror Story: Asylum, the hugely popular horror-drama TV show from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Make-up department head Eryn Krueger Mekash; make-up artists Christopher Nelson, Mike Mekash, Steve Prouty, Bart Mixon, Thom Floutz, Scott Wheeler, Jason Hamer, Mark Garbarino, Kim Ayers; and hair department head Monte Haught gave writer Chris Koseluk a look at what goes into creating mutated characters known as Raspers.

For more American Horror Story make-ups, see our tablet edition:

Faas and Furious
Faas and Furious by Martha Calhoon
Dutch make-up legend Ellis Faas does it her way, with a career in fashion and editorial and the Human Colors cosmetics line (inspired by blood, bruises and black eyes).

Presidential Profiles
Presidential Profiles by Joe Nazzaro
In this Oscar Watch coverage, writer Joe Nazzaro talks to make-up designer Lois Burwell about the considerable thought and work that went into transforming Day-Lewis into Abraham Lincoln, with the help of key make-up artist Kenny Myers, for Steven Spielberg's historical saga Lincoln.

PLUS: Lincoln likeness make-ups throughout history.

Return to Middle Earth
Return to Middle Earth by Joe Nazzaro
As part of our Oscar Watch coverage, Peter King, Tami Lane and a massive make-up crew bring Tolkien classic The Hobbit to life.

Oscar Watch
Oscar Watch by Joe Nazzaro
We round out our Oscar Watch coverage with other films getting buzz for their hair and make-up work: Hitchcock, Cloud Atlas, Anna Karenina, Django Unchained, Men in Black 3, Looper, Les Misérables and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Welcome to Issue 100!
Welcome to Issue 100!
As we celebrate our Issue 100 milestone, we asked you to share your thoughts on make-up artistry's past, present and future. Also included is a timeline of make-up industry and Make-Up Artist magazine milestones.

(Timeline by John Goodwin and Make-Up Artist staff)

For more comments, see our tablet edition:

Ready for Their Close-ups
Ready for Their Close-ups by Joe Nazzaro
We zoom in on make-up artists making cameo appearances in movies. Artists such as John Chambers, Greg Nicotero, Rick Baker, Ray Harryhausen, Greg Cannom, Tony Gardner, Bill Corso, Neill Gorton, Anthony Parker, Tim Gore, Montse Ribé, Richie Alonzo, Jake Garber, Shaun Smith, Mike Elizalde and Mike Smithson have all appeared on screen.

Make-up Moments in Movies
Make-up Moments in Movies by Chris Koseluk
We list some of our favorite films where the make-up and application process is front and center, including: Ocean's Thirteen, The Master of Disguise, The Return of the Pink Panther, The Saint, Man of a Thousand Faces, Tropic Thunder, Topsy-Turvy, Galaxy Quest, A Star is Born, The List of Adrian Messenger and more.

Body Work
Body Work by Chris Koseluk
Fine-art body painter Trina Merry elevates the human form by creating human motorcycles.

See more of Trina Merry's work in Make-Up Artist's tablet edition:
Trailer-Made Romance
Trailer-Made Romance by Stephanie Brooks
We look at how make-up artist couples Bari and Tom Burman, Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash, Sarah Rubano and Joe Dunckley and David Martí and Montse Ribé found love on, and off, the set.

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Oscar Watch, Part I
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The Human Canvas


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