Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. celebrates anniversary with new exhibit

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is an Academy Award-winning character effects studio. They are celebrating their three decades of extraordinary make-up creations with an exhibit at the Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Makeup Building—on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood proper—entitled “30 Years of Make-up, Monsters and Magic.”

ADI's exhibit opening packs the house
ADI’s exhibit opening packs the house

The exhibit premiered to an elite VIP crowd on Tuesday, Oct. 2, opening to the public on Wednesday, Oct. 3, and will run through the end of the year. David Woodruff, son of co-founder Tom Woodruff Jr., says there is potential for the exhibit to be extended, though that remains to be seen.

David says the VIP opening had an excellent vibe. He says there were a ton of people and that “everyone was in great spirits and happy to help celebrate 30 years in the business!” The Hollywood Museum was full of industry professionals—many past ADI artists attended the event and offered their support, as well as several actors and filmmakers from ADI’s past projects.

The exhibit has been set up in sections showing the general process from concept/design through to camera-ready puppets and make-ups. “I don’t think there’s any one area that’s garnered more attention,” says David. “The section on animatronics and finished pieces are very impressive. Drawings and sculptures are shared so much but I don’t think many people get the opportunity to see under the rubber skins and get a look at the animatronic understructures.”

Event demo of a character from <em>Bright</em>
Event demo of a character from Bright

The “Camera Ready” section is comprised of easily 90 percent of the pieces from the ADI display room and is really a sight to behold.

“Our goal in celebrating our ADI 30th anniversary with this exhibit is to thank those we’ve worked with over the years and to give the public a glimpse into what ADI is all about,” says Tom.

Tom co-founded ADI with Alec Gillis after leaving Stan Winston Studio. ADI’s credits are lengthy, indeed, and include highlights such as The Predator, The Nun, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, It, Bright, Alien vs. Predator, Alien: Resurrection, Godzilla: King of Monsters, Godzilla vs. Kong and the list goes on and on.

Tom (left) and David Woodruff
Tom (left) and David Woodruff

The exhibit contains key prosthetics, busts, replicas and more from their vast array of films. There is a duplicate prosthetic for Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise on display, as well as one of the deadly dolls from Annabelle: Creation. There is a 9-foot tall ship’s Pilot Alien Creature removed from the final cut for The Thing. There is a full-size figure of the Predator from The Predator franchise, as well as a full-scale replica of Sigourney Weaver and full-size xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. The exhibit also includes articles from movies currently in production along with sneak peek items.

Beyond the visuals, David says the ADI team enjoys giving people a glimpse into how they created some of the characters in their favorite movies. Adding a spoiler, Tom says of the exhibit, “You might just learn something!”

For more on ADI’s 30 years in the business, order the December/January issue of Make-Up Artist magazine.