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Updated Jan. 18 with the names of the artists on the ballot.

The Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has narrowed its list of possible Oscar contenders. The seven finalists for Achievement in Makeup were announced Jan. 10. Make-Up Artist magazine highlighted most of these in its “Oscar Watch” articles (Issues 87 and 88); True Grit and The Way Back were not on the original list of contenders. Here is the new list:

2011 Oscar Contenders: Alice  in Wonderland
Richie Alonzo in Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Valli O’Reilly
Patty York

Barney’s Version
Adrien Morot 

The Fighter
Donald Mowat
Johnny Villanueva

Jonah Hex
Christien Tinsley


2011 Oscar Contenders: Barney's Version
Rosamund Pike in Barney’s Version

True Grit
Thomas Nellen

The Way Back
Edouard Henriques
Greg Funk
Yolanda Toussieng

The Wolfman
Rick Baker
Dave Elsey

The list will be reduced again on Jan. 22 when all members of the Makeup Branch view 10-minute excerpts from each film and vote to nominate three finalists for Oscar consideration. The 83rd Academy Awards nominations will be announced live Jan. 25 at 5:30 a.m. PST.

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2011 Oscar  Contenders: Jonah Hex
Josh Brolin in Jonah Hex | Photo courtesy of Tinsley Studio/Warner Bros.






2011 Oscar  Contenders: The Fighter
Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter | Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures








2011 Oscar Contenders: The Wolfman
Anthony Hopkins in The Wolfman | Photo courtesy of Rick Baker