Rapidly changing technology is having a great impact on the digital motion picture industry, and this impact is the greatest it’s been since the introduction of sound in 1926. While these changes deliver promise, they also bring a desire to preserve the integrity of the art form, so technology is used to enhance, rather than dominate. With this in mind, The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was created in 2003, and with this year’s addition of seven new members the roster totals 25. Among the new members is leading make-up artist Bill Corso. Nafees Bin Zafar, Maryann Brandon, Andrea Kalas, Ai-Ling Lee, Leon Silverman and Steve Yedlin have also accepted invitations to join the Council this year.

Corso is an Oscar-winning make-up artist and designer with an interest in technology. His recent credits include such films as Deadpool, Kong: Skull Island, Blade Runner 2049 and Foxcatcher. His creation of Digital Makeup Group (DMG)—specializing in CG beauty work, age manipulation and make-up effects—was fueled by his desire to bridge the gap between on-set make-up and digital technology.

Bill Corso transforming Ryan Reynolds into Deadpool

Corso has been a member of the academy since 2004 and has served as governor of the Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch and chair of its executive committee. He has also served on the academy’s Preservation and History Board Committee.

Corso will be joining the Council’s returning two co-chairs: academy governor Craig Barron, an Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor; and Paul Debevec, a senior staff engineer at Google VR, adjunct professor at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and a lead developer of the Light Stage image capture and rendering technology, for which he received a Scientific and Engineering Award in 2009.

The other 16 returning members of the council are Wendy Aylsworth, academy president John Bailey, Rob Bredow, Annie Chang, Douglas Greenfield, Rob Hummel, academy governor John Knoll, Beverly Pasterczyk, Cary Phillips, Joshua Pines, Douglas Roble, David Stump, Steve Sullivan, Bill Taylor, academy vice president Michael Tronick and Beverly Wood.