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Vincent Guastini’s concept art: A Makeupmag.com exclusive

Vincent Guastini’s special make-up effects credits include Requiem for a Dream, Dogma and Saturday Night Live; he also contributed to the recent prequel of The Thing, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the film.

Guastini, who describes himself as “a huge fan of The Thing mythos” says he was contacted in 2004 when the Syfy channel was considering an episodic version of The Thing, and later, a made-for-TV feature version penned by Frank Darabont. Guastini submitted designs for the project but said that Daranbont had other artists in mind.

As the year progressed, however, Guastini learned that Syfy had dropped the project and Darabont was no longer involved. “It was now in the hands of Strike Entertainment and producer Eric Newman,” said Guastini. He arranged a pitch meeting with Newman.

Web Exclusive: Never-used The Thing art
Never-used The Thing art

“It is then that I prepared a new slew of designs, silicone busts and models of what a new Thing would look like,” he said. “At the time the meeting took place, the script was in the middle of rewrites and was to be a big-screen prequel to John Carpenter’s Thing.”

Inspired by John W. Campbell’s story Who Goes There? Guastini said he designed the alien as “a more tangible, cohesive being. I wanted to show what the creature looked like in its purest form, a chance to glimpse these beings as a race before they took the shape of those they assimilated. Eric loved the concepts and mentioned that if I was hired for the show, they would love to keep the effects like they were designed in the ’80s and made by Rob Bottin.”

Over time, however, concepts for the film and Guastini’s original ideas and designs ultimately weren’t used in the film. So here is your chance to see Guastini’s concept designs and sculptures for the first time.

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Web Exclusive: Never-used The Thing art  Web Exclusive: Never-used The Thing art
 Web Exclusive: Never-used The Thing art  Web Exclusive: Never-used The Thing art