When make-up artist/photographer/innovator Roque Cozzette agreed to collaborate on this project, Sheila McKenna was thrilled. With creativity at the core, McKenna says, the results were destined to be beautiful. Artist Tamara de Lempicka was McKenna’s inspiration—the Art Deco artist who mastered the soft, sensuous look of the post-World War II jazz/flapper age. You can see the sharp lines and bold statements of this by-gone age captured here, again, by Cozzette and McKenna. With McKenna focusing on make-up, shadows and color, and Cozzette infusing the project with his creative zest for new ideas, his hair and make-up skills, as well as his knowledge of lighting and composition … the outcome is simply breathtaking.

When asked how color theory affected his choices, Cozzette says: “Everything in make-up revolves around color theory. I say to my students, ‘If you don’t learn color theory, just go be a doctor.’ Joke, but I’m serious too. Sheila was the source of the Lempicka inspiration, but I styled the shoot. I never want to copy anything, so I chose the colors and textures that would be complementary and monochromatic to create a more modern elegant vibe to show a refreshing royal touch to the images.”

“With color theory at the core of every make-up application, it was my goal to choose colors that would represent the original painting yet not interfere with the modern direction, look and style,” says McKenna, president and founder of Kett Cosmetics. “We discussed every step, shared ideas, some better than others, and worked together towards the same end goal. Co-creating is an arena that has twice as much creativity fueling it, provided that egos are left at the door and minds are open and flexible.”

Key products:
Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup
Kett Cosmetics Hydro Foundation, Blush, Contours and Shimmers
Kett Hydro Metals in a few spots
Cozzette eye shadows and eye liner
Cozzette Lip Synergy

Photographer: Roque Cozzette 
Make-up: Sheila McKenna 
Hair or headpiece: Roque Cozzette 
Wardrobe styling: Roque Cozzette
Models: Sofiia Strykova, Madison Parker