Kryolan NYC
Kryolan New York City | All photos by Frank Rocco

On Thursday, Sept. 22, Kryolan opened a store in Manhattan’s beautiful West Village at 277 Bleecker St. On the corner, light poured out into the streets as exquisite body-painted models moved in the windows and make-up artists lined up around the block waiting to get in. The sleek, mostly white design of Kryolan City and its displays highlighted the multitude of product colors that could be seen from across the street.

According to Susan Small, Kryolan’s publicist, the company decided to open the store because of the demand for their products by artists in the theater, fashion and advertising industries. As are most stores in New York City, it is small but the design is so smart it doesn’t feel crowded, and it was easy to find any product you could possibly need. Guests particularly admired the display case of false eyelashes and the rainbow wall display of Aquacolor. Definitely check out the new Pure Pigments, which come in 32 different matte shades with true color pay off.

Kevin James Bennett attended the opening and shared his thoughts on the new store: “The new Kryolan New York City store is a pro make-up artist’s dream, at least this pro’s dream! Everything is displayed in categories on well-lit cases and shelves of clean white, metal and glass. The product is the star, not the decor, which creates an intuitive shopping experience.”

DeShawn Hatcher, who was also in attendance, commented, “Well you know I am all about pro make-up products for the pro make-up artist community. Having Kryolan open in New York City is like a hallelujah to me. Now when I tell my fellow artists about my favorite Kryolan products, they can go directly to Bleecker Street and pick it up.”

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