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Abstractly Inspired Read more

Abstractly Inspired

Polish make-up artist Ania Jaszczyszyn discusses creativity and her recent Kandinsky-esque project Make-up artists find inspiration from a variety of places. For Ania Jaszczyszyn’s recent project, inspiration came from the Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky—the…
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A Golden Ratio of Make-up Read more

A Golden Ratio of Make-up

Ever since make-up artist Sissi Petropoulou became aware of the Golden Ratio—which is represented with the irrational number Phi (Φ)—she was convinced it could be realized through make-up. In this way, she stumbled on a new…
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A Dynamic Opening Read more

A Dynamic Opening

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. celebrates anniversary with new exhibit Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is an Academy Award-winning character effects studio. They are celebrating their three decades of extraordinary make-up creations with an exhibit at the Hollywood Museum…
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