Joe Blasco

On Friday, August 8, the make-up artist universe got bigger. Joe Blasco, make-up artist and founder of the Joe Blasco Makeup Schools, launched Makeup Artist ( The show’s inaugural segment was hosted by ‘70s TV personality Rona Barrett.

“I wanted to create an educational and entertaining webcast specifically as a forum, as well as to cater to professional make-up artists and hairstylists worldwide,” Blasco says.

The goal of is to provide in-depth knowledge of make-up artistry, hairstyling and special make-up effects. With short video features like “New Faces,” plans to showcase emerging make-up artists. Included in the more than 700 completed half-hour TV shows are interviews with veteran make-up artists such as Greg Cannom, Ve Neill, Kevin Haney, Mathew Mungle, Fred Blau, Bill Corso and Gail Ryan. Hollywood billboard icon Angelyne has also agreed to make an appearance.

The artists will discuss and demonstrate their techniques through educational programming. Some shows will visit make-up artists in studios and on location.

Blasco working on the craft

Blasco hopes will bring together make-up educators to teach future generations. “It is my desire to enable prospective make-up students the ability to see and understand the art and craft of make-up and hair before they actually enter my or any other make-up school.”

To create these Web videos, the Hollywood Joe Blasco Makeup School was completely remodeled; the upper floor now houses the Los Angeles MUATV Studios. The main state-of-the-art, hi-definition studio is in Orlando, Florida, where will soon broadcast a make-up morning show, complete with location weather conditions and news about which films artists are working on.

The early responses to have been encouraging to its creator. “The very enthusiastic, positive and uplifting results to our launch have made every second of effort and every dollar of money expended worthwhile,” says Blasco.

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