Today’s Influencer Holds the Key

Influencers instantly make an impact on how the mass consumer and professional markets engage products. A simple post on social media can be the difference between absorbing the idea of a new product and trend versus not. Both macro- and micro-influencers make profound statements whenever it’s time to share details about a product or existing cosmetic trend, or even when creating and sharing a new design trend in artistry.

How Similar Are the Interests and Inspirations of Macro- and Micro- Influencers?

By breaking traditional molds of advertising, they amass followers who wait for their tips and next works to be shared. They are not just artists but creative talents who know how to produce an entire project on their own. Aware of all the rewards had by a successful project, marketing teams, producers and publishers from all over the world seek out the most creative talents who conceive the freshest ideas for how life should be lived and for new mainstream projects. Three influencers stand out with common interests and other elements that make them unique standalone brands. Nothing here is ever dated including talent, trends, communication, vision and attitude.

Sarah Doublet (

Maltese influencer and make-up artist Sarah Doublet started body painting before segueing into bridal make-up. When she’s not sharing tips and finished works on social media, she’s creating special effects for one of Malta’s most popular television shows, Division 7.

Sarah DoubletMA: What are your favorite make-up products?

SD: This is a very tricky question, but I think my Urban Decay eye shadow palette Naked 2. Urban Decay never fails! I love the brand and I feel safe using it on my clients.

Sarah Doublet MA: What are your favorite make-up application tools?

SD: I don’t buy expensive brushes. I believe that you must do the job. My brushes are very cheap or paint brushes from an art shop. Since I use to paint I feel more comfortable.

MA: What are your favorite trends in make-up artistry?

SD: My favorite trend is the no-make-up make-up look. It gives a fresh glow to the skin. I don’t like when people know you have make-up. I believe that make-up is there to enhance one’s beauty not to change. .

Sarah DoubletMA: Who are your favorite make-up artists?

SD: Pat McGrath. Her ideas are so fresh and out of the box. I’m not a fan of normal beauty make-up, and I love special effects and body painting. I think that’s why I’m a fan of hers.

MA: What are your favorite inspirations for make-up artistry? 

SD: I love mixing colors and going for something different. You can do so much with colors.

Anja Tufina (

The Dolls Factory (, a blog created by Anja Tufina, has become an international lifestyle destination. Anja is based in Milan, historically the most multi-cultural city in Italy. While there are ancient influences, Milan is ripe for more modern art inspired experimental beauty trends.

Anja Tufina

MA: What are your favorite make-up products?

AT: My favorite make-up products right now are:

Armani Maestro Glow Foundation: Great coverage, perfect texture and the right amount of glow for a bright base of make-up.

La Mer Sheer Pressed Powder: Because of the velvety touch and the long-wearing never flat finish.

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette: I travel a lot, and this palette has all the colors I need to create so many different looks from its jewel tones and a mix of modern neutrals.

Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour in Impera Color: This is my favorite lipstick at the moment with its long-lasting, silky-satin texture.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby. I’ve hit pan on this highlighter twice this year, so you can tell it is my favorite highlighter because it is weightless and with a cream-to-powder texture. It gives just the right amount of shimmer.

M.A.C. Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+: There is no need to explain why because this is the king of make-up setting spray.

Louboutin Oeil Vinyle Luminous Ink Liner: It dries fast and has that vinyl finish that lasts all day. For a dramatic eye-liner look, this is my go-to eye liner.

MA: What are your favorite make-up application tools?

AT: I don’t use many tools. There was a moment I had a collection of hundreds of tools, but recently I’ve decided to [only] keep what I use. What I can’t give up is my Beautyblenders; I use them for foundation application but also for cream applications and the cream concealers. I’ve also kept my Sigma brush set and some Sephora brushes that are very underrated but do a great job. Another tool that I’ve been using for years is the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. I think every girl needs to have it in their kit.

Anja Tufina

MA: What are your favorite trends in make-up artistry?

AT: I’ve been going backstage during Fashion Week for years now and loved to watch up close the creativity that make-up artists bring to the fashion world season after season. What I’m obsessed with right now is draping—using blush to sculpt the face, but especially I love draping around the outer parts of the eyes. Another trend is the pop of color to the eyes, like for example a shade of neon yellow or bright pink, applied on a very natural make-up look.

Anja Tufina

MA: Who are your favorite make-up artists?

AT: My favorite make-up artists are Lisa Eldridge and Pat McGrath. I’ve been following Lisa for years on YouTube and love how she is the voice of real make-up on a platform where most of the make-up tutorials are theatrical and not useful for the daily application. Also, Pat, I’ve been following her runway and editorial work through the years, and she plays to the artistic part of make-up that I love.

MA: What are your favorite inspirations for make-up artistry? 

AT: Inspiration in make-up artistry to me comes mainly on the backstage beauty looks of fashion weeks. That’s the moment that my two favorite forms of modern art fashion and beauty come together and complement each other.

Ellis-Paige Richardson ( )

Traveling to London opens a gateway of worldwide inspirations for Ellis-Paige Richardson. Wardrobe and personal features seen at events or on the tube are sparks of inspiration for the artist, micro-influencer and Head Dreamteam Artist at In Your Dreams. She often finds herself studying beauty trends from other countries and how artists adapt to past and current fashion and beauty trends.

Ellis-Paige RichardsonMA:  What are your favorite make-up products?  

ER:  I’d say my favorite products at the minute are pigments. I love the versatility of them and enjoy finding new ways to incorporate them into a make-up look but working with different mixing mediums and experimenting with the placement of the product.

Ellis-Paige RichardsonMA:  What are your favorite make-up application tools?

ER:  I often use nail detailing tools in my more intricate looks as it helps to keep everything crisp and neat. However, concerning make-up brushes, I’d say I own more fluffy eye brushes for blending shadows out than anything else! A must-have in my kit.

Ellis-Paige RichardsonMA:  What are your favorite trends in make-up artistry? 

ER:  A favorite trend of mine recently has been the “glass skin” look: I think it’s beautiful and looks great in editorial shoots. I also really enjoy any trend involving colors as I love to keep my make-up playful and colorful!

Ellis-Paige RichardsonMA:  Who are your favorite make-up artists?

ER: There are a few make-up artists I refer to when looking for new inspiration. Pat McGrath has always been a favorite of mine, and I love the fact she has her range of products now which truly represent her style of work! I also have taken an interest in some beauty influencers from the Irish make-up scene recently, Keilidh Cashell (@keilidhmua on Instagram) being one of them. Her work is creative and unique and one to go for when looking for inspiration.

Ellis-Paige RichardsonMA:  What are your favorite inspirations for make-up artistry? 

ER:  I often find myself looking for new inspiration in places I’d least expect! For example, if I see a print on some clothing, it could give me a new idea for a make-up look, but I also find it very inspiring to use Instagram to find new and upcoming make-up artists. I find that make-up trends and new ways of application are always changing, and I love seeing how other artists create their work.

How does strategic movement place influencers closer to a new level of stardom?

Consistency is key here. They must capture and hold interest with a millennial and Generation Z vibe. Raised in tech-driven generations has thrust each into the demanding creation fast lane. It’s not enough to be creative. In this world, understanding and demonstrating mad tech skills are paramount to survival. It’s not enough to be a shadow blend master, precision painter, able to produce finished works or be online. Keeping up with trends, consistently adapting to audience demands and creating value are paramount to breathe new life into presence.

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