Photos by Ulf Scherling and Michael Hartmann, courtesy of the World Bodypainting Championship Decarli's winning make-up

The World Bodypainting Festival 2010 was held in Seeboden, Austria July 12-18. The event, sponsored by cosmetics company Kryolan, attracted approximately 28,000 visitors with a mix of classes, lectures, parties, performances and body-painting competitions. Here are the top three finalists in each competition category:

World Award: Special Effects Bodypainting
1. Yolanda Bartram, New Zealand; Alex Hansen, Brazil
2. Ludwig Decarli, Austria
3. Lori Hamel, United States; Julie A. Fusilier, Canada

World Award: Facepainting
1. Lymari Millot, Mexico
2. Lucie Brouillard, Canada
3. Viktoria Schablinger, Austria

World Award: UV Effects
1. Petra Tronser, Germany; Fredi Schmid, Switzerland
2. Anna Pogodzinska, Poland
3. Wolf Harald and Jaqueline, Germany

Special Award: Special Effects Make-Up
1. Peter Tronser, Germany
2. Ludwig Decarli, Austria
3. Alex Hansen, Brazil

World Award: Airbrush
1. Kris Bülow, Germany
2. Chris Oberheber and Mike Shane, Austria
3. Flavio Bosco and Franco Vanzani, Italy

World Award: Brush/Sponge
1.    Lucie Brouillard, Canada
2.    Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco, United States
3.    Carly Utting and Dominic Skinner, England