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The Tonya Transformation

For a brief time in the 1990s, before America became obsessed with the O.J. Simpson trial and the internet turned gossip into a cottage industry, Tonya Harding was the cause célèbre. The first female figure…
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A Tale of ‘Murder’ Read more

A Tale of ‘Murder’

Carol Hemming climbs aboard the Orient Express An American gangster is murdered on a train. The suspects are his assistant, a governess, a missionary, a count and countess, a butler, a princess and her maid,…
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Paradise Unmasked Read more

Paradise Unmasked

Matt Damon and Julianne Moore get the retro treatment in Suburbicon We like to think of the 1950s as a simpler, happier time where people lived in homogeneous houses with neatly trimmed lawns and white…
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