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Rediscovering a Disney Icon Read more

Rediscovering a Disney Icon

Peter King talks about working on Mary Poppins Returns. It’s been more than half a century since Disney released Mary Poppins, their big screen adaptation of P.L. Travers’ beloved fantasy character. Starring Julie Andrews as…
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A Dynamic Opening Read more

A Dynamic Opening

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. celebrates anniversary with new exhibit Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is an Academy Award-winning character effects studio. They are celebrating their three decades of extraordinary make-up creations with an exhibit at the Hollywood Museum…
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Behind the Mask Read more

Behind the Mask

“Halloween was the first horror movie I was introduced to as a kid,” [Vincent] Van Dyke continues, “so when Chris [Nelson] came to me with this project, I was tremendously excited."
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Troll Models Read more

Troll Models

Göran Lundström creates off-putting, but natural, creatures for Border. If you’ve ever wondered whether a make-up can be both jarring and natural at the same time, just watch Border. Winner of the Un Certain Regard…
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