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A Work of <em>Genius</em> Read more

A Work of Genius

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the key role make-up plays in Genius. An original National Geographic series, each season, Genius tells the story of one of the greatest minds in history. Season…
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<em>Taboo</em> Make-up Revelations Read more

Taboo Make-up Revelations

BBC One’s Taboo (directed by and starring Tom Hardy) shocked, compelled, repulsed and enthralled viewers. Learn how the dark and twisted characters of Taboo were created in this exclusive interview with make-up and prosthetics designer…
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One Last Howl Read more

One Last Howl

The Teen Wolf team looks back as the show nears its finale For six seasons, strange creatures have been lurking in the shadows around Beacon Hills, the fictional town where the TV series Teen Wolf…
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The Twin Dilemma Read more

The Twin Dilemma

Fargo has always been a complicated series to work on, as the show’s make-up department head/special make-up effects designer Gail Kennedy will attest, but turning actor Ewan McGregor into two different characters—often seen in the…
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