De María, creative director of Graftobian Europe, recently created a beauty editorial. Make-Up Artist magazine loved it so much that we wanted to share it with our readers. Below you will find various photos of this inspired project with a bit from De María about the process.

Make-Up Artist magazine: What was your inspiration for this editorial?

De María: The inspiration has been based on the black color. My work with Fernando (the photographer) had always been very colorful, with many textures … or very clean, only with points of light … And what we wanted to do this time was to work the concept of black color in all its textures and tonalities.

MUAM: How did this project come about?

DM: This project arose with the idea to take a turn to the work we had done together previously, focusing only on one concept, in this case black color using all the products with which we could experiment with this color.

MUAM: How did you create these looks?

DM: My initial concept was to start working the black color in smoother textures, that’s why I worked with airbrushing … there was a very interesting moment, in which I used some letter templates, and I worked with the airbrush above all the face of the model, with a very intense black, an F/X Graftobian color. When cleaning the model, we liked the broken texture that was left due to drag the make-up and this helped us to evolve to the second photo.

The interesting thing about a project like this is that sometimes random things like this happen. We take advantage of wiping the face and we add some loose pigments. The tools I used were mainly airbrush, loose pigments (to give light and touches based on black). We also worked with gold leaves, with golden textures over black and with a mixture I made with glycerin and black glitter—which was the final part, much more creative and improvised—with the model touching her face randomly and dragging this mixture.


MUAM: What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

DM: The final part of the editorial was when we used the liquid glycerin with the black glitter pouring it on the head of the model. That part was the most uncontrollable, the most artistic one, it was a kind of performance … and the role of the model was also very important because the make-up also evolves with her movements.

MUAM: What did you like most about this project and the process?

DM: What I liked the most was working on a single color and making an entire editorial with it; working with different textures, glosses, finishes … it was the first time I worked for a beauty editorial just with a single color.

I wanted to show the beauty of the black color, this is what I was most interested … in researching, evolving a make-up based on a single color. It’s not usual to do this in a beauty editorial, but I wanted to capture the beauty of this color in photography and make-up.

MUAM: What are your goals as a make-up artist?

DM: My goal is to create concepts, images, researching with color, studying and experimenting with textures. Soon, I will start working with video and I want to do some fashion films with my make-up. This is the next project I have for 2018.

To see more of De María’s work, purchase Issue 122.