Dino Ganziano
Local 706 Journeyman Hair Stylist Dino Ganziano

Journeyman Hair Stylist Dino Ganziano passed away last summer, according to Local 706. They were only notified last week of his passing, from his son Giancarlo.

Ganziano joined Local 706 in 1980 and became a Journeyman in 1981. He was known as one of the best hair cutters in the business and also for his skill with wigs. He was the personal hair stylist for Jon Voight on movies such as Pearl Harbor, Anaconda, Enemy of the State and more. Ganziano won the Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for The Mystic Warrior in 1984. He was nominated four more times for his work on War and Rememberence, Star Trek, 61 and Murder She Wrote. He served on both the Local 706 Board of Trustees and Executive Board.

Ganziano retired in 2002 for health reasons.