Photo by Michael David Davis Make-up by Ian Cromer

Purveyors of demons, ghouls and other things that go bump in the night: Good news! Making monsters just got easier.

At an exclusive event held Oct. 17 at Naimie’s Beauty Center in North Hollywood, Calif., European Body Art unveiled its new line of effects make-up. Part of EBA’s Endura alcohol-based line, which has been around since 2003, the latest additions include 20 special effects shades and 20 skin-tone and foundation shades. Sold exclusively under the license of Syfy and Face Off, 10 of the new entries will be included in the Undead collection, 10 in the SFX collection and 20 designated simply as skin colors (SKT).

European Body Art/Face Off product launch: product line
European Body Art/Face Off product line

“We’ve been in the airbrush, tattoo, body art, bodypainting for almost 10 years, and I wanted to diversify the business,” said European Body Art owner Jaro Turek, citing Syfy’s popular competition program as his inspiration.

A fan of Face Off from the start, Turek’s interest piqued during the show’s second season, when EBA artist Nicholas “Nix” Herrera became a contestant.

European Body Art/Face Off product launch: artists working
Diana McCallister at work Photo by Anna McNaught

“Seeing Nix in that show opened my eyes,” continued Turek. “That’s when I knew I wanted to go into special effects.”

With Herrera as a connection, Turek established the licensing agreement with the channel and show. But the relationship didn’t stop there. Face Off contestants RJ Haddy, Alana Schiro, Ian Cromer and Laura Tyler were brought in to help develop the line.

“This was a new thing for us,” added Turek. “They helped me out with the colors.”

European Body Art/Face Off product launch: make-up by Brea Joseph
Make-up by Brea Joseph Photo by Nicolas Bates

So it was only appropriate that a trio of Face Off participants were on hand to show the new Endura colors in action. As approximately 150 industry professionals—including Naimie’s VIPs and EBA customers—rocked to the sounds of DJ Lezlee, Cromer, Schiro and Season Two contestant Brea Joseph worked their magic.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Joseph, as she transformed a model into an unearthly creature she dubbed Demon Royalty. “You don’t have to blend any of the colors because they are so perfectly made, and there are so many different levels to them. I love it.”

In the final stages of turning his colleague, Chuck, into a zombie, Cromer noted the make-up’s durability. “I don’t need to seal them as much,” he said. “I just use a clear coat and they last a lot longer. They’re really nice.”

“They’re colors that we need,” said Schiro, after putting the final touches on a goth-couture look for a model featuring eyes bleeding black. “It’s geared for us. You won’t have to go to your kit and mix color. We reinvented the vein color and it’s perfectly spot on. Our blood tones are beautiful. Jaro had a surgeon come and look at them, and he was like, ‘Yeah, that’s blood.’”

European Body Art/Face Off product launch: make-up by Alana Schiro
Make-up by Alana Schiro Photo by Anna McNaught

The new line is scheduled to become a regular feature on Face Off, beginning with episodes airing after the product launch.

Though exclusively carrying Endura’s Undead, SFX and SKT lines in the Los Angeles area, Naimie’s is one of 10 distributors Turek estimates are involved in the initial rollout. “They’re non-competing,” he explained. “We always give them a territory so they’re not in the same city or area.”

As this is uncharted territory for EBA, Turek is cautiously feeling out the marketplace. But he hopes that as word spreads, the effects make-up will catch the eye of the industry’s major players. “It’s definitely an unknown product,” he said, adding that part of the strategy will be to get samples to top entertainment professionals. “But that’s my goal, to go into TV and film.”

European Body Art/Face Off product launch: Ian Von Cromer working
Ian Cromer working Photo by Michael David Davis

The next key step in European Body Art’s goal is to introduce a dry palette featuring all 40 colors. If all goes according to plan, Turek will introduce it at IMATS Los Angeles in January. “I’m hoping for it,” he said. “After this show tonight, I’m going to be in the lab for another three months.”