In a Nov. 15 article on the Page Six website, writer Richard Johnson cites an anonymous source who claimed that Blindspot actress Jaimie Alexander believes her tattoo make-up on the show is making her sick.

“It’s completely unfounded,” said Craig Schneider, Alexander’s publicist, in a phone interview with Make-Up Artist magazine. “She’s obviously not going to put her health at risk to do the job.”

Academy Award winner Christien Tinsley, whose company Tinsley Studio creates the show’s tattoos, agrees. “If there was any issue with the tattoos we would’ve been contacted by the production. Worst case scenario is it’s going to irritate their skin because they have a sensitivity to the adhesive. That’s going to happen immediately and you’re going to know.

“For 15 years we’ve been providing tattoos for the film industry—everything from full body to small—we put them on adults and children. We’ve put them on the face and the body …. Not one person in 15 years has ever had an illness caused by the tattoos.” In fact, Tinsley said the Blindspot production is still ordering tattoos from his company.

Tinsley is concerned, however, about the reckless nature of the source’s statement.

“Since that report came out we immediately called the producers, Warner Bros., NBC and essentially said, ‘What the fuck!’ They came back equally as shocked and explained that the writer [Johnson] called them, and though his claims were refuted, the story was published nonetheless,” said Tinsley.

“The reckless nature of a statement like this could create a ripple effect for this industry,” he continued. “Anyone who applies [this type of make-up] has the potential to be scrutinized and questioned when we know we’re using safe products.”

Tinsley cautions producers and make-up artists to be careful what they say because of how it can be misconstrued. When it comes down to it, though, he’s focused on his clients—the actors and actresses sitting in his chair.

“They want to know it’s safe and they can do their job. They don’t want to know the science behind it. And that’s good. What they want to know … is it going to look great on camera.”

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