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Halloween is crunch time for a large part of the make-up industry, as artists get called upon to make up friends or clients for special events, or contribute make-up, animatronics, appliances and more to haunted attractions. We asked you to show us some of the looks you’ve done for clients over the years—or, time permitting, for yourself. Here are some of our favorites.

Inaki Dellibarda, Fito’s son, as Hellboy, Frankenstein’s monster, a vampire and Wolfman

Inspiration: Hellboy, Frankenstein, vampire, Wolfman
Artist: Fito Dellibarda, Kreat FX
Model: Inaki (Dellibarda’s son)
Artist comment: For some years, I made costumes and make-up for Inaki’s school Halloween party here in Madrid. The first one is Frankenstein (2009). I used a foam-latex Frankenstein head that I used before in other make-up. The vampire is from 2010; the forehead was made with an encapsulated silicone prosthetic and Inaki sculpted the acrylic teeth. The Hellboy head (2011) is made with foam latex, and Inaki helped construct the costume, making the stone hand with polyurethane foam. In 2012, we made a wolfman with foam-latex prosthetics at the face and body. It’s not politically correct to brag about it, but I must say, he wins all school costume contests.


Inspiration: Glamour zombie girl
Make-up artist: Samantha Klein
Model: Singer/songwriter Noelle Picara
Photographer: Brian Truono
Artist comment: This look was designed for the album cover and music video for Picara’s song “Zombie Girl.” Full body make-up consisted of washed-out, pale-green skin tones and special-effect bruises and scars on the arms, legs, back and forehead. A combination of dirt make-up and real dirt was used on the skin to complete the visual impact.


Inspiration: Casualty make-up
Make-up artist: Jamie Kelman
Model: Jamie Kelman
Artist comment: I was the victim of working on a movie that tore me to shreds and ripped my heart out. It is a two-layer prosthetic make-up: the skull/musculature piece went on first, then the over-face. It was fun closing the face flaps back up, then revealing the inner gore all night!


Inspiration: The Thing
Make-up artist: Danny Wagner
Model: Danny Wagner
Artist comment: Make-up for Halloween 2012; it also won first place in the costume contest at Son of Monsterpalooza.


Inspiration: Witch
Make-up artist: Brad Look
Model: Background actor
Artist comment: Halloween-inspired make-up I created for the 2008 feature Role Models. I created the make-up using several colors of Kryolan Aquacolor, after which I used Green Marble [SeLr] to seal the underpainting. From there, I spattered on a variety of Reel Creations tattoo inks to give the make-up further depth. What’s Halloween without a witch?

Inspiration:  Haunted asylum
Make-up artist: H3sford Hair and Make up Artist (Ryan Hesford)
Models: Shawn Scott, Amy Shaw, Katy Evans
Artist comment: Horror Asylum 2012 Halloween event


Inspiration: Evil Clown
Make-up artist: Andrea O’Donnell
Model: Tana Helene O’Donnell
Artist comment:
This is a body paint I did at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria (this July). The model and photographer are both my daughter Tana Helene O’Donnell—she had a timer set up to shoot herself. Funny thing is, they were taken inside my exhibitor tent during a torrential downpour! Not the best weather for an outdoor body-paint event!


Inspiration: Mexican sugar skull
Make-up artist: Susan Ella Seligman
Model: Polly Powers
Artist comment: We’re both Local 706 make-up artists and had a great time with this!


Inspiration: Emotion
Make-up: Maria Li
Model: Maria Li
Photos: Photography BABAK
Artist Comment:  I created these make-ups, called Ash and Jest, to express the darker and more somber emotions of the human experience.


Inspiration: Half skull
Make-up artist: Paul Molnar
Model: Jane Krakowski
Artist comment: Make-up for the 30 Rock star for a 2011 red-carpet Halloween event.