UN Body-Paint Project
Body paint at the “Memories We Share” UN Peace Memorial exhibit | All photos by Joachim Bergauer

To mark the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and the first anniversary of the Peace Memorial in South Korea, WB Productions was invited to stage a historical body-painting performance. The performance—titled “The Memories We Share”—was held on Oct. 23.

For the exhibit, Alex Barendregt, Chairman of the World Bodypainting Association and CEO of the WB Production, put together a team of international artists including Johannes Stötter from Italy, Vienna-based Bulgarian Bella Volen, Mike Shane from Luxembourg, Rodolfo Campos from the U.S. and the 2015 World Bodypainting Festival Champion Min Ah Kim from South Korea.

The memorial depicts events in the Korean war and other world conflicts, as well as the role the UN played in resolving conflicts and bringing peace. Body painting was incorporated as an artistic and engaging way to communicate the stories and messages to a younger generation.

Barendregt said in a press release, “In many ways, the various styles of body paintings that were chosen for the exhibition required the audience to also take a closer look. The camouflage and installation body-painting art drew the viewer into this historical exhibition and really triggered people to engage with history.”

UN Bodypaint Project UN Bodypaint Project UN Bodypaint Project UN Bodypaint Project UN Bodypaint Project

Go behind the scenes with WB Productions:

 All photos by Joachim Bergauer