In Issue 127 of Make-Up Artist magazine, we took you step by step through creating a mechanical hand. We supplement that content here, with a visual component: a video that walks you through the process. Join Rich Knight in The Makeup Lab for this awesome introduction to basic mechanics.

If you missed Issue 127, here is a snippet of what Knight has to say about animatronics:

“Mechanical effects and animatronics are often considered by many aspiring make-up artists to be the crowning achievement of special make-up effects and prosthetics. When creating a prosthetic make-up, it’s the actor’s own features that animate the appliance and breathe life into our creation. What about those designs that need to go beyond that of a standard prosthetic and defy the limitations of the human anatomy? This is where we enter the realm of animatronics and special mechanical effects …

“ … A mechanical hand is a perfect example of how cable-control mechanisms function. Building one is the first step in learning the art of special mechanical effects.”

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