Article Excerpt:

In some ways, the 11th International Make-up Artist Trade Show, held June 21-22, was a weekend of transition. While several thousand make-up artists from across the globe convened at the Pasadena Convention Center to exchange news and information about the latest developments in the trade, for many it was also a time of reflection and renewal of old acquaintances. And as attendees took time to mark the passing of a larger-than-life contemporary, there were also thought-provoking presentations by some of the industry’s rising stars.

Not surprisingly, the untimely death of Stan Winston just a few days before this year’s IMATS threw the organizers a major curve ball. Show Director Michael Key and his staff immediately began working with Stan Winston Studios to put together plans for an appropriate tribute, and early Friday morning, a small army of workers arrived with three van-loads of memorabilia from the shop. Within hours, an entire room was filled with life-sized characters from various Winston projects, including the Terminator, Edward Scissorhands, the Predator, Pumpkinhead, the Iron Man suit and original heads from the 1981 film Heartbeeps, their gelatin make-up still intact. Off to one corner sat Winston’s director’s chair, trademark cigar still resting in an ashtray.

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