All photos by Deverill Weekes Attendees at the Hair & Makeup Artist Network Industry Bash 2012; BELOW: industry panelists talk to attendees
HMAN Industry Bash panelists
HMAN Industry Bash panelists
HMAN Industry Bash Michelle Garbin
Michelle Garbin





More than 100 guests attended the Hair & Makeup Artist Network Industry Bash 2012, held Jan. 15 in Los Angeles.

A panel of industry experts spoke at the event. Among them were make-up artist Michelle Garbin, creator of Vivid MD Skincare and the key make-up artist on the new FX Network show Sons of Anarchy; Madeline Leonard, owner of Cloutier Remix, an agency representing hair and make-up artists; hairstylist Angela Gurule, whose recent credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, The Unit and True Blood; and director-producer Shawn Tolleson, who has worked on commercials, music videos and fashion shoots. The panel was hosted by HMAN founder Michelle Lee.

Topics ranged from gaining a foothold in the industry to on-set conduct to successful networking and self-promotion.

“I wish they had a Hair & Makeup Artist Network 20 years ago when I was trying to get into the industry, because I had no idea what to do,” said Garbin (below). “We tried to share our stories tonight of some of the things that maybe didn’t work out so well in our careers and things that we know work.”

“It’s not a particularly easy time to be a hair or make-up artist,” added Leonard. “That’s across the board with the economy. I think any kind of guidance that can help them start to carve a path for themselves .”

The panel provided guests with plenty of information to help their careers, but that was not the event’s only purpose.

“We hope they gain knowledge and get their questions answered, but mainly we want them to network,” said Lee. “We want to give them the opportunity to meet people that they otherwise would not have an opportunity to on their own and to be able to network with one another. This is how it’s done in our industry and that’s what we’re all about.”

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HMAN Industry Bash Madeline Leonard and attendees
Madeline Leonard and attendees