Italians love their pasta. That’s not news. Pasta is the best-known symbol of Italian cuisine. But what happens when you take an Italian-loving artist and tell them to design a make-up inspired by the theme Viva Italia? You get Valeriya Kutsan’s spaghetti-faced creations.

Make-up by Valeyria Kutsan for Viva Italia

The Project

“I love Italy so much, maybe because of it’s so expressive, bright, congenial to me,” says Kutsan.

In 2007, Kutsan won the silver prize in a make-up competition called Fashion Style in Moscow. Her look was inspired by her love for Italy. “I made the character Colombina,” explains Kutsan. “But from this time my idea was to create art make-up with the help of spaghetti.”

It wasn’t easy. Challenges included gluing the small pieces of pasta in straight lines on the skin. Kustan says this took her several hours. The result is stunning though. She created four images in total: black on black, gold on black, gold on gold and black on gold.

She pre-painted the spaghetti with automobile spray, used black and golden aqua colors for the skin, gold and black spray for the hair and latex glue to paste spaghetti both flatwise and perpendicularly.

Make-up by Valeyria Kutsan for Viva Italia


This Russian make-up artist has been working for 22 years. She graduated from make-up school in Tomsk, Russia in 1996—motivated by friends she constantly gave makeovers to, Kutsan soon realized her talent.

After graduating from make-up school, Kutsan began participating in various competitions where she routinely took home top prizes. She was establishing herself as a make-up artist and people took notice. She was then invited to teach in Moscow, which Kutsan promptly accepted. After moving to the capital of Russia she opened a school for the brand Make-Up Atelier Paris and led it for nine years.

In 2013, she created her own make-up brush brand: Valeriya Kutsan. Now, she has her own studio in Moscow called ProBeautyClass, where she teaches and works with clients. Kutsan says that even though she is a creative person, it has always been important to her to be a manager, administrator and teacher at the same time.

Make-up by Valeyria Kutsan for Viva Italia

Future Aspirations

“I would like to continue to create new programs for make-up artists’ education,” says Kutsan. “My dream is to create a full-fledged academy of make-up and style and I move to it by small steps! In addition, I love photo shootings especially fashion and beauty editorial. Maybe someday I’ll see the cover of the American Vogue with my make-up. Why no? After all, on the cover of your magazine my make-up already was! Thank you for it!”

Make-up by Valeyria Kutsan for Viva Italia

Check out Kutsan’s make-up in issue #108 of Make-Up Artist magazine—her work is featured on our beauty cover. To see some of Kutsan’s bridal-style make-ups, we also feature her in Issue #114.