Paul Starr, who was found dead on Tuesday, Aug. 19, served as a keynote speaker for the 2006 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Los Angeles. In this video excerpt from the show, Starr talks with Make-Up Artist magazine publisher Michael Key, in front of a crowd of more than 400 people. With candor and charm, Starr describes his journey to becoming a celebrity make-up artist and his love for creating human art.
“The best celebrity make-up artists know that you are taken into this world and these celebrities put their face in your hands,” Starr said during the interview.
Starr was the author of Paul Starr on Beauty: Conversations with Thirty Celebrated Women (2005) and had worked in the make-up industry for more than 20 years. His celebrity clientele included Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Lindsay Lohan, Christy Turlington, Iman, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Jada Pinkett Smith, Boy George and David Bowie.