“I really think that this season is not about one size fits all,” said Gordon Espinet, senior vice president of make-up artistry at M.A.C. Cosmetics, during an Autumn/Winter 2016 trend presentation to the Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Local 706. “It’s really about individuality and styling a face, not necessarily trying to make a face something that you want it to be.”

The season’s looks, which the company presented on Saturday, Aug. 20 at Line 204 Studios in Hollywood, Calif., fell into two categories: Strict (Sharp, Razor, Kaleidoscope) and Loose (Stained, Diffused). Espinet lead the presentation, along with senior artists Cynthia Rivas, Ashley Rudder and Caroline Hernandez, each one demonstrating how to achieve a look.

M.A.C. Autumn/Winter 2016 Trend Report

Espinet presented the first look, Sharp, which focused on the lips.

Razor, Rivas explained, “is accentuating the eyes using really sharp lines with the color black. What I love about this trend is that it’s kept really simple; you’re using one or two products, but you’re getting maximum results.” A key product is Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack or any water-resistant eyeliner “that won’t move.”

The third look, Kaleidoscope, combines “Donna Summers’ flamboyancy” and “glam-rock ’70s edge,” said Rudder, and is defined by “splashes of color that are more about confidence than rebellion.” This look can be achieved with pastels or primary colors, satins, velvets or neons. She also recommended using various textures and layers, but closed with this thought: “At the end of the day, just have fun with color.”

Espinet returned to the stage to introduce the Loose looks, a twist on natural make-up.

“This season what we are seeing is, even though it is about a no-make-up make-up, there’s still something quite deliberate about it,” he said. Hernandez presented Stained—a natural face with a lived-in look—and Diffused, which she said has the same feel, but with a bit of color. She said lips can be reds, nudes, pinks or rose: “They all kind of look like they’re flushed.” Achieve the softness with a finger rather than a brush, she added: “It’s almost like there’s been a little bit of kissing going on, or a few drinks of wine. Quite an easy trend to wear.”

M.A.C. Autumn/Winter 2016 Trend Report

The presentation drew roughly 100 local make-up artists, including Claire Alexandra Doyle, who appreciated knowing that a little gloss on the lips was in vogue again. “With awards season starting, it’s nice to see what’s been relevant on the runway,” she said. Make-up artist Raenae Kuaea agreed that trend presentations are important. “It helps you connect with other make-up artists, with the trends that are out there right now and how to actually achieve them,” she said. Local 706 president Sue Cabral-Ebert underscored Kuaea’s sentiment: “The more we stay on top of the trends, the more marketable we are,” she said.