In time for your Halloween weekend, we’ve compiled our favorite looks from M.A.C.’s #seniorartistsslayhalloween Instagram campaign. Developed to celebrate and promote their Halloween Master Classes, senior artists were tasked with creating a make-up look on themselves inspired by just three words.

“When we posted our Halloween looks, the response was so positive,” says featured Senior Artist John Stapleton. “The idea was to draw two adjectives and a classic character from a hat and do a make-up based on your picks. This lends for some quick thinking on your feet!”

Jane Mckay, another featured artist on the campaign, told Make-Up Artist: “We Senior Artists all love our Master Classes and the #seniorartistsslayhalloween hashtag campaign. … John Stapleton and I took over M.A.C. Cosmetics IG Stories right before, during and after our Montreal Halloween Master Class, and it was a great experience for all.”


Victor Cembellin – Hairy, Neon, Mummy

Victor Cembellin

Jane Mckay – Disturbed, Velvet, Comic Book Character

Jane Mckay
Make-up by Jane Mckay

Cynthia Rivas – Burnished, Deteriorating, Peacock

Cynthia Rivas
Make-up by Cynthia Rivas

Gisel Calvillo – Scared, Neon, Demon

Gisel Calvillo
Make-up by Gisel Calvillo

Keri Blair – Mysterious, Metallic, Monarch

Keri Blair
Make-up by Keri Blair

Caroline Hernandez – Hot, Wet, Skull

Caroline Hernandez
Make-up by Caroline Hernandez

Louise Zizzo – Sullen, CMYK Colored, Clown

Louise Zizzo
Make-up by Louise Zizzo

Melissa Gibson – Ethereal, Frosty, Insect

Melissa Gibson
Make-up by Melissa Gibson

John Stapleton – Sinister, Glitter, Cyborg

John Stapleton
Make-up by John Stapleton

Regan Rabanal – Innocent, Monochromatic, Princess

Regan Rabanal
Make-up by Regan Rabanal

Michelle Clarke – Slimy, Stippled, Witch

Michelle Clarke
Make-up by Michelle Clarke

Ashley Rudder – Glossy, Fantasy, Sea Creature

Ashley Rudder
Make-up by Ashley Rudder

Tiffany Johnston – Crackled, Creepy, Gremlin

Tiffany Johnston
Make-up by Tiffany Johnston

Chantel Miller – Angry, Swarovski, Clown

Chantel Miller
Make-up by Chantel Miller