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Editor’s note: Listings are received directly from the unions and are
subject to change.
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ABOUT LAST NIGHT (Feature) Debra Denson, Martha Callendar
A MANY SPLINTERED THING (Feature) Deborah Rutherford, Don Rutherford, Douglas Noe
ANGER MANAGEMENT (Episodic) Gabriel Solana, Emily Katz, Nancie Rooney
ANT FARM (Series) Annie Maniscalco, Marina Torpin, Adam Christopher
BAD WORDS (Feature) Kim Greene, Bonnie Flowers
BAGGAGE CLAIM (Feature) Beverly Jo Pryor, Kelcey Fry, Dionne Wynn
BIGGEST LOSER (Reality) Corina Duran, Paige Padgett
BLUE (Webisode) Bret Mardock
BREACHER (Feature) Tina Roesler Kerwin, Clinton Wayne
BRIDGE, THE (Series) Tarra Day, Sabine Roller Taylor
BROKEN HORSES (Feature) Angel Radefeld-Wright, Luis Garcia
BUNHEAD (Series) Lisa Nash-Jones, Joseph Regina
CHILDRENS’ HOSPITAL (Series) Heather Ford, Allie Goodnoe
CINNAMON GIRL (Episodic) Felicity Bowring, Kelcey Fry
CLIENT LIST, THE (Episodic) Gina Homan, Stephanie Scott, Merc Arceneaux, Michael Reitz
CONAN (Cable TV) Deborah Paulmann, Sherlyn Stetz
DADDY’S HOME (Series) Stacey Halax, Blake Shepard
DANCING WITH THE STARS (Game Show) Zena Shteysel, Angela Moos, Barbara Fonte, Steven Lake Louis
DESOLATION ANGELS (TBD) Brittania Perri, Adrian Booth, Stephanie Bravo
DEXTER (Series) Keith Hall, Gabriel De Cunto, Gil Mosko
DOG NAMED SOOKI (Feature) Steve Prouty, Bart Mixon
FAMILY TOOLS, AKA WHITE VAN MAN (Series) Corina Duran, Ann Pala
FIVE MORE, AKA FIVE 2 (Feature) Cheryl Nick, David Atherton
FOSTERS, THE (Pilot) Amy Lederman, Elena Arroy
FOXCATCHER (Feature) Bill Corso, Dennis Liddiard
GAY BEST FRIEND (Feature) Jeremy Bramer, Lorainne Martin
GETTING ON (Pilot) Roz Music
GHOST GIRLS (Webisode) Leah Vautrot, Kristina Frisch
GHOSTWRITER (Webisode) Leah Vautrot, Valli O’Reilly
HUNGER GAMES, THE: CATCHING FIRE (Feature) Ve Neill, Nikoletta Skarlatos
INSTANT MOM (Pilot) Angie Wells, Kokeeta Douglas
JOE (Feature) Randy Westgate
JUSTIFIED, AKA LAWMAN (Series) Elzbieta Barczewska, Jennifer Donish
LAST SHIP, THE (Series) Lisa Rocco, Robert Maverick
LAST WEEKEND (Feature) Gigi Williams, Marina Torpin
LEGIT (Series) Karen Toole-Rentrop
LITTLE RASCALS (Feature) FX Perez, Brad Look
LONE SURVIVOR (Feature) Howard Berger, Peter Montagna, Jamie Kelman, Georgia Allen
MAD MEN (Series) Lana Horochowski, Ron Pipes, Ken Niederbaumer, Trish Sawyer
MONDAY MORNINGS (Series) Jori Jenae-Murray, Julie Kristy
MORE AS THIS STORY DEVELOPS (Series) Jane Galli, Karen McDonald, Mike Mosher
NEBRASKA (Feature) Jay Wejebe
NEIGHBORS, THE (Series) Robin Siegel, Michelle Tyminski
NEW NORMAL, THE (Sitcom) Merc Arcenaux, Cheri Minns
NINA (Feature) Vera Steimberg, Judy Murdock, Matthew Mungle
NON-STOP (Feature) Elaine Offers
PAGING DR. FREED (Pilot) Stephanie Scott, Gina Homan
PHYS ED (Pilot) Vicky Ogden, Cheryl Calo
REACH ME (Feature) Shauna Giesbrecht
REVIEW (Feature) Megan Brown, Shelley Rucker
SAVE ME (Series) Tina Harrelson, Heather Plott
SAVING MR. BANKS (Feature) Julie Hewett, Deborah LaMia Denaver
SWITCHED AT BIRTH (Episodic) Peggy Teague, Hayley Cecile
TAKE IT ALL (Game Show) Pamela Farmer
TEEN WOLF DIGITAL (Webisode) Phyllis Temple, D. Bruna Nogueira, Fionagh Kush
TROPHY WIFE (Pilot) Whitney James, Desne Holland
VOICE, THE (Game Show) Darcy Gilmore, Marilyn Lee
WALK OF SHAME (Feature) Melanie Hughes-Weave, Judy Yonemoto
WENDELL & VINNIE (Series) Stacey Halax, Cristy Fisher
WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD (Feature) Lorraine Martin, Elena Arroy
WORKAHOLICS (Series) Alexei Dmitriew, Michelle Denering
X FACTOR, THE (Reality) Tonia Green, Rebecca Deherrera, Vivian Maxwell, Crystal Wolfchild
YOU’RE NOT YOU (Feature) Vivian Baker, Jennifer Zide


AMERICANS, THE (Series) Lori Hicks, Linda Kaufman
ARMY WIVES (Series) Linda Kamp
BLUE BLOODS (Series) Sherri Laurence, Nicky Pattison
CARRIE DIARIES (Series) Amy Tagliamonti
CHEW, THE (Talk Show) Jill McKay
DEVIOUS MAIDS (Series) Leigh Ann Yandle, Ariane Turner, Stephanie Barnes
DO NO HARM (Series) Diane Heller
ELEMENTARY (Series) Persefone Karakosta, Roxanne Rizzo
ELSA & FRED (Feature) Lorraine Atlamura
GOD ONLY KNOWS (Feature) Nichole Pleau
GOLDEN BOY (Series) Ma Kalaadevi, Nick London
GOOD WIFE, THE (Series) Andrea Miller, Jeni Zaharian, Helen Gallagher
GRACELAND (Series) Dolores Hernandez, Laurie Cocheo
INFAMOUS (Series) Kathryn Bihr, Sanja Milic, Paul Molnar
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Series) Tisa Howard, Michael Harvey
MADEA’S CHRISTMAS (Feature) Kimberly Jones, Tracy Ewell
NASHVILLE (Series) Erin Brasfield Koplow
NON-STOP (Feature) Patricia Regan, Claus Lulla
NURSE JACKIE (Series) Tania Ribalow, Anette Lian-Williams
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Series) Michal Bigger, Karen Reuter
PERSON OF INTEREST (Series) Toy Van Lierop, Natalie Young, Marilyn Peoples
REVOLUTION (Series) Sandra Orsolyak-Allen, Holly Sago
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Live TV) Louie Zakarian, Josh Turi
SMASH (Series) Leslie Fuller, Brian Abbott, Cassandra Keating
TREME (Series) Sandy-Linn Koepper, Debi Young
VAMPIRE DIARIES (Series) Char Coats-Crump
VEEP (Series) Barbara Lacy
WINTER’S TALE (Feature) John Caglione Jr., Mary Aaron


ARROW (Series) Patricia Murray
BATES MOTEL (Series) Taylor Roberts
MOTIVE (Series) Rebecca Lee
ONCE UPON A TIME (Series) Sarah Graham
SUPERNATURAL (Series) Zabrina Matiru


ROBOCOP (Feature) Linda Dowds