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Editor’s note: Listings are received directly from the unions and are subject to change. Make-Up Artist magazine takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

LOCAL 706 (United States)

90210 (Series) Christina Vogel, Mary Ann Marchetti, Annette Chaisson
ALWAYS WOODSTOCK (Series) Ann Masterson, Leslie Lightfoot
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, THE (Feature) Howard Berger, John Caglione Jr., Ve Neill, Peter Montagna
BACK IN THE GAME, AKA CULLEN (Pilot) Honor Farrens
BEST MAN HOLIDAY, THE (Feature) Debra Denson
BEVERLY HILLS COP (Pilot) Loretta James-Demasi, Katherine James
BLOODLINE (TV Movie) Todd McIntosh
BODY OF PROOF (Series) Rebecca Alling, Amy Disarro, Trent Cotner, Debra Schrey
BONNIE AND CLYDE: DEAD AND ALIVE (Movie of Week) Trefor Proud
BRENDA FOREVER (Pilot) Kim Greene, Bonnie Flowers
CATBIRD, AKA DIVERGENT (Feature) Brad Wilder, Denise Paulson
COMEDY BANG! BANG! (Series) Erin Good
DADS (Pilot) Dee Mansano, Danielle Saunders
DANCING WITH THE STARS (Game Show) Zena Shteysel, Angela Moos, Barbara Fonte, Steven Lake Louis
DELIRIUM (Pilot) Sean Flanigan, Desne Holland
DEXTER (Series) Keith Hall, Michelle Radow
DOCTORS, THE (Series) Alan Bosshardt, Christina Patch
DR. PHIL (Talk Show) Christina Patch, Alan Bosshardt
DRUNK HISTORY (Series) Dara Bland, David Abbott
ENLISTED (Pilot) Gillian Whitlock
FRANKLIN AND BASH (Series) Bret Mardock, Laura Leppenan
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (Feature) Allan Apone, Lisa Rocco, Nicole Sortillon
FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES (Pilot) Patty Bunch, Farah Bunch
GABRIELS, THE, AKA HOUSE RULES (Series) Helen Marray-Finlay
GIRL AND A GUN, A (Feature) Hilla ‘Lali’ Peer, Stephanie Bravo
GOOD LUCK CHARLIE (Series) Wendy Weiss, Lois Kawasaki
GREY’S ANATOMY (Series) Norman Leavitt, Michele Teleisfickle, Erin Ayanian, Patrice Ryan
GRUDGE MATCH (Feature) Wesley Wofford, Rick Stratton
HAPPY ENDINGS (Series) Toni G, Amy Harmon
HIT THE FLOOR, AKA BOUNCE (Series) Cool Benson, Allison Gladieux, Vonda Morris
HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (Game Show) Erin Ayanian, Wendi San George, Brigitte Hennech, Eleanor Sabaduquia
INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 (Feature) Eleanor Sabaduquia, Liz Mendoza
IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (Series) Leah Vautrot, Thea Samuels
KEEP CALM AND KAREY ON (Pilot) Anne Sweeting, Helen Murray-Finlay
KEY & PEELE (Series) Scott Wheeler, Suzanne Diaz
KICKIN’ IT (Series) Annie Maniscalco, Mirna Gonzalez
KROLL SHOW, THE (Pilot) Suzanne Diaz, W. Trent Cotner
LEGEND (Feature) Kathy King, Elizabeth Villamarin
LIST, THE (Pilot) Danielle Saunders, Mike Mekash
MAJOR CRIMES (Pilot) Liz Briseno, Silvina Knight
MASTERS OF SEX (Series) Jean Black
MCCARTHYS, THE (Pilot) Alexis Walker, Corina Duran, Brandy Sharp
MINDY PROJECT, THE (Pilot) Amy Schmiedierer, Kandace Westmore, Cindy Williams
MODERN FAMILY (Series) Stephanie Massie, Anne Sweeting
MONSTER (Feature) Danielle Noe
MR. MONSTER (Feature) Tatiana Thorpe, Justin Raleigh, Ozzy Alvarez
NEED FOR SPEED (Feature) Tarra Day, Laura Connelly
OFFICE, THE (Series) Laverne Caracuzzi, Ken Schoenfeld, Pamela Santori, Dionne Smith
PULLING (Pilot) Miriam Arougheti, Kim Ayers
QUICK DRAW (Series) Nadyne Peoples-Hicks
RAY DONOVAN (Series) Lynn Barber, Gabriel De Cunto, Angie Radefled
RECKLESS (Pilot) Jeanne Van Phue
RIZZOLI AND ISLES (Series) Jessica Anderson, Elzbieta Barczewska, Rela Martine, Mark Bautista
SAVE ME (Series) Tina Harrelson, Heather Plott
SCANDAL (Series) Denise Hooper, Sheri Knight
SOUTHLAND (Series) Mark Bautista, Kim Collea
SPLASH (Reality) Angie Wells, Kokeeta Douglas, Sarah Benjamin, Melvone Farrell
SULLIVAN AND SON (Series) Lisa Hans-Wolf, Dori Blackman
SUPER CLYDE (Pilot) Rene Dashiell, Bonita Dehaven
SUPER FUN NIGHT (Pilot) Deborah Zoller, Jennifer Zide
THAT’S AWKWARD (Series) Kathleen Freeman, Carme Tenuta
TOWNIES (Feature) Peter Robb-King, Maggie Fung
TRUE BLOOD (Series) Brigette Myre-Ellis, Lana Horochowski, Cindilee Rice, Justin Raleigh
TUNDERMANS, THE (Sitcom) Erin Braus-Guth, Paula Sutor
TWISTED, AKA SOCIO (Series) Farah Bunch, Amy Sparks
UNT. GOOR/SCHUR PROJECT (Pilot) Autumn Butler, Robin Luce, Elizabeth Hoel
UNT. JOHN MULANEY PROJECT (Pilot) Jennifer Turchi
UNT. RAND RAVICH PROJECT (Pilot) Steve Artmont, Nicole Artmont
VENICE (Pilot) Rebecca Alling, Amy Disarro, Debra Schrey
WALK OF SHAME (Feature) Melanie Hughes-Weave, Judy Yonemoto
WEB THERAPY (Webisode) Rachel Olson
WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (Pilot) Tracy Richards, Gina Bonaquisti

LOCAL 798 (U.S. East)

ALL MY CHILDREN (Soap Opera) Amy Duskin
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, THE (Feature) John Caglione Jr., Vincent Schicchi
AMERICANS, THE (Series) Lori Hicks, Linda Kaufman
ANIMAL RESCUE (Feature) Jenn Jorge Nelson, Arielle Toelke
ANCHORMAN 2 (Feature) Bernadette Mazur, Donald Kuzma
ANGELICA (Feature) Michael Laudati, James Sarzoti
BLUE BLOODS (Series) Sherri Laurence, Nicky Pattison
BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Series) Michelle Paris, Anette Lian-Williams
BURN NOTICE (Series) Laurie Cocheo, Dolores Hernandez
CHEW, THE (Talk Show) Jill McKay
DEVIOUS MAIDS (Series) Leigh Ann Yandle, Ariane Turner, Stephanie Barnes
ELEMENTARY (Series) Persefone Karakosta, Roxanne Rizzo
GLADES, THE (Series) Malinda Ballesperos, Claudia Pascaul
INFINITELY POLAR BEAR (Feature) Nicole Pleau
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Series) Tisa Howard, Michael Harvey
LET’S STAY TOGETHER (Series) Denise Tunnell
NASHVILLE (Series) Erin Brasfield Koplow
PERSON OF INTEREST (Series) Toy Van Lierop, Natalie Young, Marilyn Peoples
REVOLUTION (Series) Sandra Orsolyak-Allen, Holly Sago
ROYAL PAINS (Series) Francesca Buccellato, Brenna McGuire
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Live TV) Louie Zakarian, Josh Turi
TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE (Series) John Perkins
TRUE STORY (Feature) Louise McCarthy, Sunday Englis
UNDER THE DOME (Series) Rick Pour
UNT. DAVID O’RUSSELL PROJECT (TBA) Evelyn Noraz, Rachel Geary
VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE (Series) Char Coats Crumps
VEEP (Series) Barbara Lacy
WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, A (Feature) Kyra Panchenko

LOCAL 891 (Vancouver, B.C.)

CEDAR COVE (Series) Cindy Barlow
KILLING, THE (Series) Charles Porlier
KING & MAXWELL (Series) Tanya Howard
NAUTILUS (Series) Victoria Down
PSYCH (Series) Wendy Snowdon
TOMORROWLAND (Series) Monica Huppert

LOCAL 212 (Calgary)

HEARTLAND (Series) Donna Fuller, Dani Hanson
HELL ON WHEELS (Series) Sharon Toohey, Rose Gurevitch, Joanne Jacobsen
KLONDIKE (Miniseries) Gail Kennedy Head of Department, Rochelle Parrent, Joanne Preece

LOCAL 873 (Toronto)

COPPER (Series) Colin Penman
COVERT AFFAIRS (Series) Brian Hui
FIGHTING MAN, A (Feature) Randy Daudlin
POMPEII (Feature) Jo-Ann MacNeil, Burton LeBlanc
SUITS (Series) Sandra Wheatle