You can check Call Sheet listings electronically whenever you want, wherever you are. Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can use this list to find out which TV shows, films and videos union artists are working on in North America.

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Editor’s note: Listings are received directly from the unions and are subject to change. Make-Up Artist magazine takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

LOCAL 706 (United States)

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (Series) Cheri Montesanto, Laverne Munroe, Kevin Westmore
ANGER MANAGEMENT (Episodic) Gabriel Solana, Emily Katz, Karen Blynder
BETAS (Series) David Williams, Natalie Fratti
BLENDED (Feature) Ann Pala, Corina Duran
CASTLE (Series) June Brickman. Fiona Distefano, Sarah Vaughn
CHEF (Feature) Kate Biscoe, George Black
COMET (Feature) John Jackson
COOTIES (Feature) Eleanor Sabaduquia, Kato De Stephan
CRASH & BERNSTEIN (Series) E. Cooper-Smokler, Kim Meyer
CRIMINAL MINDS (Series) Dayne Johnson, Anna Fleiner, Ann Masterson
DOG WITH A BLOG (Series) David Abbott, Corey Jeen-Davidson
ENLISTED (Series) Mary Klimek, Gillian Whitlock
FOOD FIGHTERS (Series) Rea Ann Silva, Pamela Farmer
GLEE (Series) Kelley Mitchell, Jennifer Greenberg, Melissa Buell
HART OF DIXIE (Episodic) Joni Powell, Denise Delavalle
IMAGINED (Feature) Bill Corso, Cheryl Nick
INTELLIGENCE (Series) Steve LaPorte, Peter Montagna
INTERSTELLAR (Feature) Luisa Abel, Jay Wejebe
IRONSIDE (Series) Shelia Leake, Yvette Stone
LEAGUE, THE (Series) Erin Good, Michelle Radow
LIFE AFTER BETH (Feature) Autumn Butler, James MacKinnon
LONGMIRE (Series) Steve LaPorte, Trent Cotner
LOST ANGELS (Series) Christien Tinsley, Lydia Milars
LOVE AND MERCY (Feature) Zoe Hay, Rolf Keppler
MAPS TO THE STARS (Feature) Stephan Dupuis
ME HIM HER (Feature) Teresa Vest
MENTALIST, THE (Series) Denise Fischer, Kymber Blake, Sherri Zebeck
MODERN FAMILY (Series) Stephanie Massie, Anne Sweeting
NCIS (Series) Joe Hailey, Norman Page, June Bracken
NEIGHBORS, THE (Series) Michelle Tyminski, Ayat Kiankhooy
NEW GIRL (Series) Jorjee Douglass, Robin Glaser, Camille Clark
PARENTHOOD (Series) Geri Oppenheim, Lesa Nielsen
PARKS AND RECREATION (Series) Autumn Butler, Robin Luce, Elizabeth Hoel
RAY DONOVAN (Series) Lynn Barber, Gabriel De Cunto, Angie Radfeld-Wright
RECKLESS (Pilot) Jeanne Van Phue
REVENGE (Series) Hariette Landau, Michelle Buhler, Nedra Hainey
SCANDAL (Series) Denise Hooper, Sheri Knight, Sergio Lopez-Rivera
SUBURGATORY (Series) Phyllis Williams, Noreen Wilke
SURVIVING JACK (Series) Brandy Sharp, Alexis Walker
TROPHY WIFE (Pilot) Myriam Aroughetti
VATICAN TAPES, THE (Feature) Deborah Rutherford, Don Rutherford
WELCOME TO ME (Feature) Nicole Artmont, Steve Artmont
WISH I WAS HERE (Feature) Heba Thorisdottir

LOCAL 798 (U.S. East)

ANNIE (Feature) Louise McCarthy, Nikki Ledermann
BLACKLIST, THE (Series) Arielle Toelke, Jeremy Selefriend
BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Series) Michelle Paris, Anette Lian-Williams, Steven Lawrence
BLUE BLOODS (Series) Sherri Laurence, Nicky Pattison
CARRIE DIARIES, THE (Series) Amy Tagliamonti
CHEW, THE (Talk Show) Jill McKay
CYMBELINE (Feature) Rachel Geary, Scott Hersh
EASTBOUND AND DOWN (Series) Sandra Orsolyak-Allen, Holly Sago
ELEMENTARY (Series) Persefone Karakosta, Roxanne Rizzo, Joelle Troisi
EQUALIZER, THE (Series) Liz Bernstrom, Sherryn Smith
FAULTS IN OUR STARS, THE (Feature) Marianne Skiba, Douglas Fairall
FOLLOWING, THE (Series) Kymbra Kelley
GOOD WIFE, THE (Series) Andrea Miller, Alberto Machuca, Helen Gallagher
HOMELAND (Series) John Bayless, Chris Varosky
HOSTAGES (Series) Brian Abbot, Cassandra Keating
LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Series) Tisa Howard, Mike Harvey
MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW, THE (Series) Trish Heine, Paul Gebbia
NASHVILLE (Series) Sandy Linn Koepper, Erin Brasfield-Koplow
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Series) Michal Bigger, Karen Reuter
PERSON OF INTEREST (Series) Toy Van Lierop, Natalie Young
ST. VINCENT (Feature) Donald Kozma, Kyra Panchenko
UNFORGETTABLE (Series) Sharon Ilson, Burke, Nicole Wodowski
WALKING DEAD, THE (Series) Donna Premick, Gino Crognale
WHITE COLLAR (Series) Allen Weisinger, Linda Grimes
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Live TV) Louie Zakarian, Josh Turi

LOCAL 891 (Vancouver, B.C.)

100, THE (Series) Tanya Howard
ALMOST HUMAN (Series) Calla Dreyer
ARROW (Series) Danielle Aslin
BATES MOTEL (Series) Taylor Roberts
FAIRLY ODD SUMMER (Movie of the Week) Candice Stafford
FALLING SKIES (Series) Krista Young
HIGH NOON (Pilot) Vanessa Giles
ONCE UPON A TIME (Series) Sarah Graham
ROGUE (Series) Rita Ciccozzi
SUPERNATURAL (Series) Zabrina Matiru
TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE (Series) Amy Van Wormer
WITCHES OF EAST END (Series) Natalie Cosco

LOCAL 873 (Toronto)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Series) Amanda Terry
COVERT AFFAIRS (Series) Brian Hui
DEFIANCE (Series) Colin Penman
HANNIBAL (Series) Katie Brennan
HORIZON (Series) Jordan Samuel
LUCKY 7 (Series) MarySue Heron
MAPS TO THE STARS (Feature) Stephan Dupuis
NIKITA (Series) Chris Pizzarelli
PARIS (Series) Julia Valente
REIGN (Series) Linda Preston
SUITS (Series) Sandra Wheatle
STRAIN, THE (Series) Jordan Samuel
WAREHOUSE 13 (Series) Burton LeBlanc

LOCAL 212 (Calgary)

FORSAKEN (Feature) Gail Kennedy, Rochelle Parent, Jojo Preece, Gunther Schetterer
HELL ON WHEELS (Series) Sharon Rooney, Rose Gurevitch, Joanne Jacobsen