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Editor’s note: Listings are received directly from the unions and are subject to change. Make-Up Artist magazine takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

LOCAL 706 (United States)

2 BROKE GIRLS (Series) Jill Cady, Malika Borghese
ABOUT A BOY (Series) David Forrest, Kim Felix
AFTER, THE (New Media) Polly Powers
AMERICAN IDOL (Reality) Marylin Lee Spiegel
ANGER MANAGEMENT (Episodic) Lisa Hans-Wolf, Ken Schoenfeld, Gabriel Solano
BIG STONE GAP (Feature) Ronnie Specter
BLACKBIRD (Feature) Anita Gibson
BURYING THE EX (Feature) Siân Richards, Ania Harasimial, Michael Mosher, Gary Tunnicliffe
COUGARTOWN (Series) Linda Choi, Tatiana Thorpe, Eliza Marsh, Joely Upchurch
CRAZY ONES, THE (Series ) Jori Jenae-Murray, David De Leon, Cheri Minns
CROSSBONES (Series) Steven Anderson, Heather Mages, Ken Diaz
CURVE (Feature) Nena Smarz-O’Carroll
DIVIDE AND CONQUER (Pilot) David Forrest, Susan Stepanian
FOSTERS, THE (Series) Camille Henderson, Thereze Berquist
GIRL MEETS WORLD (Series) Kathleen Karridene, Kat Urzsuly, Julie Cuomo
GONE GIRL (Feature) Kate Biscoe, Gigi Williams
HAUNTED HATHAWAYS (Series) Paula Sutor, Erin Braus-Guth
HOME INVASION (Feature) Jennifer Saeta
HOUSE OF LIES (Series) Tym Buacharern, Simone Almekias, Robin Luce
HUNGER GAMES, THE: MOCKINGJAY PART 1 (Feature) Ve Neill, Nikoletta Skarlatos
I DIDN’T DO IT (Pilot) Corina Kramer, Erin Braus-Guth
INCARNATE (Feature) Nacoma Whobrey, Tina Harrelson
JENNIFER FALLS (Pilot) Elaine Offers, Valli O’Reilly, Susan Stepanian
JUSTIFIED (Series) Elzbieta Barczewska, Jennifer Donish, Rela Martine
LAST SHIP, THE (Series) Kathy King, Elizabeth Villamarin
MAD MEN (Series) Lana Horochowski, Ron Pipes, Ken Niederbaumer, Trish Sawyer
MCFARLAND (Feature) FX Perez, Luis Garcia, Amy Lederman, Bernadette Beauvius
MINDY PROJECT, THE (Pilot) Amy Schmiedierer, Kandace Westmore, Cindy Williams
NIGHTCRAWLER (Feature) Donald Mowat
OFF THEIR ROCKERS (Reality) Rachel Lund Olson
OUIJA (Feature) Michelle Denering, Starr Jones, Robert Maverick
PURGE 2, THE (Feature) Trefor Proud, Brian Kinney
QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW, THE (Talk Show) Merc Arceneaux
RAKE (Series) Cherie Montesanto, Laverne Munroe, Kevin Westmore
SALEM (Series) Mark Landon
SILICON VALLEY (Series) Tina Roesler Kerwin
SING OFF, THE (Reality) Amy Strozzi
SUPER FUN NIGHT (Series) Deborah Zoller, Jennifer Zide
SWITCHED AT BIRTH (Episodic) Peggy Teague, Hayley Cecile, Toby Lamm
THUNDERMANS, THE (Sitcom) Farah Bunch, Sarah Woolf
TROPHY WIFE (Pilot) Myriam Aroughetti, Lydia Milars
TWISTED (Series) Tonia Verna, Lynn Barber
VOICE, THE (Game Show) Darcy Gilmore, Marilyn Lee
WEDDING RINGER (Feature ) Gary Tunnicliffe, Kim Felix

LOCAL 798 (U.S. East)

AMERICANS, THE (Series) Lori Hicks, Linda Kaufman, Annie-Louise McCarthy, Joanna McCarthy
BELIEVE (Series) Patricia Regan, Joe Campayno
BLACK BOX, THE (Series) Chris Bingham, Katherine O’Donnell
BLACKLIST, THE (Series) Arielle Toelke, Jeremy Selefriend
BLUE BLOODS (Series) Sherri Laurence, Nicky Pattison, Emily Ansel
CHEW, THE (Talk Show) Jill McKay
COBBLER, THE (Feature) James Sarzotti, Ashley Ryan
DEADBEAT (Series) Paul Molnar, Krystle Poulin
DOLPHIN TALE 2 (Feature) Dolores Hernandez, Claudia Pascal
ELEMENTARY (Series) Persefone Karakosta, Roxanne Rizzo, Joelle Troisi
FOLLOWING, THE (Series) Kymbra Kelley
GOOD WIFE, THE (Series) Andrea Miller, Alberto Machuca, Helen Gallagher
HOSTAGES (Series) Brian Abbot, Cassandra Keating, John Wick, Stephen Kelley, Amy Tagliamonti, Stacey St. Onge
KNICK, THE (Miniseries) Nicki Ledermann, Stephanie Pasicov, Sunday Englis
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Series) Tisa Howard, Mike Harvey
MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW, THE (Series) Trish Heine, Paul Gebbia
NASHVILLE (Series) Erin Brasfield-Koplow, Sandy Linn Koepper,
NURSE JACKIE (Series) Tania Ribalow, Anette Lian-Williams, Vincent Schicchi
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Series) Michal Bigger
PERSON OF INTEREST (Series) Toy Van Lierop, Natalie Young
RECKLESS (TV Movie) Angela Rogers, Ashleigh Chavis
RUN ALL NIGHT (Feature) Todd Kleitsch, Majorie Durand
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Live TV) Louie Zakarian
SHELTER (Feature) Rondi Scott
SLEEPY HOLLOW (Series) Linda Kamp, Anthony Brooks
STAR-CROSSED (Series) Emily Bugard-Tatum
TAXI BROOKLYN SOUTH (Series) Ivy Ermert, Rebecca Hickey
THOSE WHO KILL (Series) Rachel Kick, Sharon Cordice
VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE (Series) Char Coats-Crumps
VEEP (Series) Barbara Lacy

LOCAL 873 (Toronto)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Series) Amanda Terry
COVERT AFFAIRS (Series) Brian Hui
DEFIANCE (Series) Colin Penman
DIVIDE, THE (Series) Sandra Wheatle
HANNIBAL (Series) Katie Brennan
HEMLOCK GROVE (Series) Maribeth Knezev
LOVE IS DEAD (Series) Patricia Keighran
POLTERGEIST (Feature) Leslie Sebert
REIGN (Series) Linda Preston
STRAIN, THE (Series) Jordan Samuel
SUITS (Series) Sandra Wheatle

LOCAL 891 (Vancouver, B.C.)

100, THE (Series) Tanya Howard
ADVENTURES OF MAX & BANKS, THE (Feature) Victoria Down
ARROW (Series) Danielle Aslin
FALLING SKIES (Series) Krista Young
MOTIVE (Series) Rebecca Less
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 (Feature) Lisa Love
ONCE UPON A TIME (Series) Sarah Graham
SUPERNATURAL (Series) Zabrina Matiru
TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE (Series) Amy Van Wormer
TOMORROWLAND (Series) Monica Huppert
WAYWARD PINES (Series) Dana Hamel

LOCAL 212 (Calgary)

FARGO (Series) Gail Kennedy, Joanne Preece, Gunther Schetterer, Dave Trainor, Joanne Jacobsen
HEARTLAND (Series) Donna Fuller, Dani Hanson