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You can check the Issue 113 Call Sheet listings electronically whenever you want, wherever you are. Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can use this list to find out which TV shows, films and videos union artists are working on in North America.

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Editor’s note: Listings are received directly from the unions and are subject to change. Make-Up Artist magazine takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

LOCAL 706 (United States)

ANGIE TRIBECA (Series) Autumn Butler, Kim Ayres, Ned Neidhart, Natalie Thimm            
(Series) Wendy Weiss, Lois Kawasaki
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (Feature) Allan Apone
AWKWARD (Series) Carme Tentuta, Malanie Romero
BEN HUR (Feature) Allan Apone
BLUNT TALK (Episodic) Tricia Sawyer, Vasilios Tanis
BONES (Series) Pamela Phillips, Erin Harding, Dara Jaramillo
BUS 657 (Feature) Staci Witt, Carla White
CONCUSSION (Feature) Judy Murdock
COOK (Feature) Trefor Proud, Tanya Cookingham, Vera Steimberg
CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Pilot) Thereze Berquist-Bak, Natalie Fratti
CRISTELA (Pilot) Wendy Weiss, Wendy Hogan, Lois Kawasaki
DADDY’S HOME (Feature) Steve Artmont, Howard Berger
EMPIRE (Series) Beverly Jo Pryor
EX’S, THE (Sitcom) Victor Del Castillo
EXTANT (Series) Ani Plotkin, Lori Madrigal, Wendi Allison
FAKING IT (Series) Cindy Miguens, Amy Harmon
FREE STATE OF JONES (Feature) Nikoletta Skarlatos, Kris Evans
GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE (Series) April Boyes,  Joni Powell,  Merry Traum
GLEE (Series) Kelley Mitchell,  Melissa Buell,  Ayat Malek Kiankhooy
HAIL, CEASAR (Feature) Jean Black, Hewett, Zoy Hay, Rolf Keppler
HAND OF GOD (New Media) Rebecca Ailing, Gabriel De Cunto, Debra Schrey, Matthew Mungle
HATEFUL EIGHT, THE (Feature) Jacob Garber, Molly Tissavary
HIT THE FLOOR, AKA BOUNCE (Series) Tym Buacharern, Robin Luce, Anthony Gordon
HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES (Feature) Allan Apone, Lisa Rocco
I DIDN’T DO IT (Series) Corina Kramer, Michelee Keck-Smith
KEVIN FROM WORK (Pilot) Don Rutherford
KICKS, THE (Pilot) Lisa Nash Jones, E. Cooper-Smokler
LAB RATS (Series) Tania Saylor, Stephanie Owens
LAST MAN STANDING (Series) Wendy Weiss, Wendy Hogan, Lois Kawasaki
LAST SHIP, THE (Series) Elena Arroy, Michelle Vittone, Gabriel de Cunta
LIFE AT THESE SPEEDS  (Feature) Siobhan Carmody
MARILYN (Series) Dugg Kirckpatrick, Randy Westgate
MARON (Series) Douglas Noe
MODERN FAMILY (Series) Stephanie Massie, Anne Sweeting
MR. ROBINSON, AKA ELLICKSON (Pilot) Laverne Caracuzzi, Lisa Layman
MURDER IN THE FIRST (Series) Suzanne Diaz, Karen Iverson
NEW GIRL (Series) Jorjee Douglass, Robin Glaser, Camille Clark, Carri Hamilton
ONE BIG HAPPY (Series) Lisa Marie-Rosenberg, Nicole Frank, Cynthia Bachman Brow
OTHER SPACE (Series) Heather Ford
OUTLAWS (TV Movie) Ana Pala
QUALITY TIME (Pilot) Thea Samuels, Sherri Simmons
REVENGE (Series) Hariette Landau, Michelle Buhler, Nedra Hainey
REVIEW (Series) Kate Mullin
RIDICULOUS 6, THE (Feature) Ana Pala
RIZZOLI AND ISLES (Series) Jessica Anderson, Denise Dellvalle, Rela Martine, Mark Bautista
SALEM (Series) Marianna Elias, Melinda Osgood, Mark Landon
SALEM ROGERS (New Media) Nanette Moore New, Janice Kavanagh, Isaac Prado
SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME (Feature) Fionagh Cush, Phyllis Temple
SCHOOL OF ROCK (Series) Ellen Viera
SCORPION (Pilot) James MacKinnon, Nathalie Thimm, Bridget O’Neil
SECRET IN THEIR EYES, THE (Feature) Angela Levin, Desne Holland, Lesa Nielsen
SILICON VALLEY, AKA DEEP TECH (Series) Tina Roesler Kerwin
SLEEPWALKER (Feature) Dawn Subhasiriwatana, Tara Loren Bland, Dionne Wynn
SLEEPY HOLLOW (Episodic) Castellan Mark Nieman
STEVE JOBS (Feature) Gretchen Davis
STITCHERS (Series) Tammy Ashmore, M. Teleis-Fickle
TEEN WOLF DIGITAL (Webisode) Phyllis Temple, Megan Brown, Carleigh Herbert, Erik Porn
TOUGH COOKIE (Pilot) Kathleen Karridene
UNT. JOEL EDGERTON PROJECT (Feature) Mandi Crane-Ruiz
UNT. MIAMI PROJECT (Pilot) Sherri Simmons, Jori Jenae-McGuire
VEEP (Series) Karen Kawahara, Bret Boreman
WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER (Series) Brian Kinney, Diane Mayo
YOUNG AND HUNGRY (Series) Farah Bunch, Sara Woolf, Dawn Johnson
ZEROVILLE (Feature) Lisa Layman, Laverne Caracuzzi

LOCAL 798 (U.S. East)

ACCOUNTANT, THE (Feature) Sarah Mays, Tracey Miller-Smith, Aida Scuffle
ALLEGIANCE (Series) Linda Grimes, Chris Milone
AMERICANS, THE (Series) Lori Hicks, Angelina Avallone
BLACKLIST, THE (Series) Anthony Pepe, Stephanie Wise
BLUE BLOODS (Series) Sherri Laurence, Nicky Pattison
CHEW, THE (Talk Show) Jill McKay
CREED (Feature) Corey Castellano, Leigh Ann Yandle
CRIME (Series) Stephen Kelley, Joelle Troisi
DIFFICULT PEOPLE (Series) Ande Yung, Anette Lian Williams
ELEMENTARY (Series) Persefone Karakosta, Roxanne Rizzo, Krystal Phillips
FOLLOWING, THE (Series) Kymbra Callaghan
FOREVER (Series) Todd Kleitsch, James Sarzotti
GOOD WIFE, THE (Series) Andrea Miller, Helen Gallagher, Alberto Machuca
GOTHAM (Series) John Perkins, Natalie Young
HALT & CATCH FIRE (Series) Donna Premick, Stephanie Ponder
HAPPYISH (Series) Brenna McGuire
INSIDE AMY SCHURMER (Series) Rosemary Redlin
JOY (Feature) Nuria Sitja
KNICK, THE (Series) Nicki Ledermann
LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS, THE (Talk Show) Michelle Kearns
LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Series) Michael Harvey, Tisa Howard
LET IT SNOW (Feature) Louise McCarthy, Joanna McCarthy
MADAME SECRETARY (Series) Brian Abbott, Kristen Sylvester
MYSTERIES OF LAURA, THE (Series) Patricia Heine, Paul Gebbia
NASHVILLE (Series) Erin Koplow, Sandy Linn Koepper, Laura Godwin
NCIS (Series) Hailey Authement, Amy Weinberg
PEOPLE’S COURT (Reality TV) Stephanie Barr, Teresa Bianco
OPPENHEIMER STRATEGIES (Feature) Amy Tagliamonti, Rachel Pagani
PERSON OF INTEREST (Series) Bradley Stenson, Claus Lulla
SALEM (Series) Lee Grimes
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Live TV) Louie Zakarian
TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON, THE (Series) Cyndie Lou Boehm, Raquel Vivve, Maria Scali
VIOLET (Feature) Sarit Klein, Sarah Egan
ZOO (TV Movie) Stacey Herbert

LOCAL 891 (Vancouver, B.C.)

ARROW (Series) Danielle Aslin
BIG VALLEY (Feature) Lois Burwell
BOY, THE (Feature) Erin Froese
BREED (Pilot) Krista Young
DEAD PEOPLE (Pilot) Calla Dryer
FLASH, THE (Series) Tina Teoli
IMPOSTER (Series) Rebeccah Delchambre
MIX (Pilot) April Boyes
ONCE UPON A TIME (Series) Juliana Vit
PROOF (Series) Rita Ciccozzi
REVENANT, THE (Feature) Graham Johnston
SUCKERS (MOW) Hayley Miller
SUPERNATURAL (Series) Zabrina Matiru
WASHINGTON (Feature) Monica Huppert
WHAM! (Feature) Bill Corso, Monica Huppert

LOCAL 873 (Toronto)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Series) Amanda Terry
DEFIANCE (Series) Chris Pizzarelli
EXPANSE, THE (Series) Maribeth Knezev
HANNIBAL (Series) Katie Brennan
HEMLOCK GROVE (Series) Burton LeBlanc
REIGN (Series) Linda Preston
STRAIN, THE (Series) Colin Penman

LOCAL 212 (Calgary)

FARGO (Series) Gail Kennedy, Joanne Preece, Gunther Schetterer, Dave Trainor, Tea Scott
REVENANT, THE (Series) Sharon Toohey, Graham Johnson