From left: Kyra Panchenko, Steve Artmont, Nicki Ledermann and Judy Chin in 2014 | Photo courtesy of Nicki Ledermann

Steve Artmont, a film and TV artist, passed away Feb. 28 after battling lung cancer.

His career spanned 30 years and included TV credits such as The $10,000 Pyramid, The Young and the Restless and Big Little Lies. Artmont’s film credits included Grumpier Old Men, Hanging Up, Just Like Heaven and Step Brothers. He often worked as a personal make-up artist for actors such as Ed Burns, Steve Martin, Heather Graham, Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz and Vince Vaughn.

Artmont was nominated for one Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Award (2000, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), one Daytime Emmy Award (1988, The Young and the Restless) and two Primetime Emmy Awards (2004 and 2005, Carnivàle). In 1990, he won a Daytime Emmy Award for his work on The Young and the Restless.

We reached out to fellow make-up artists for their memories of Artmont. Here is what they say:

“Steve was a close friend of Ed Burns, who frequently used Steve as a personal make-up artist. I was the one Ed called when Steve wasn’t available. One day Ed hired us both to work on one of his films and I was quite curious to meet “The Other Guy.” It was literally love at first sight for me! His energy, his sense of humor, his bold honesty, his work ethic and his incredible and versatile talent just hit you right smack in the center of your heart and soul. And he was quite a handsome man as well, the Canadian Clint Eastwood, although my BFF Kyra Panchenko still to this day fights me on this, as she insists he is the Canadian Marcello Mastroianni. She is probably right, I will finally admit it now.

“After a week working with Steve I told my husband, director Alan Taylor, that I am working with this make-up man I have a total crush on. He asked if he was straight or gay with big jealous question marks in his eyes. I blushed and I said he was straight, but not to worry, he is very happily married. So my husband [said], ‘If you ever must have a crush on another guy, you should meet this guy I just worked with in L.A. on Carnivàle … Now that is a man, so charming, so clever, so handsome and so good at his job. I have to admit I kind of had a crush on him myself! His name is Steve Artmont.’

“Steve had that effect on everyone, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

Nicki Ledermann with Steve Artmont in 1993 | Photo courtesy of Nicki Ledermann

“We became dear friends over the years. He was as good as a friend as you can probably imagine. He pulled you up before you even knew you were falling; he always gave the best advice, cheered you up with his hilarious sense of humor and his infectious laugh. He always cheered for you with all his heart. He was the best man. He will always be THE BEST MAN.” —Nicki Ledermann

“He was easy-going, super funny and hyper-intelligent. He was a lover of words with an incredible vocabulary. I loved doing crosswords with him. All the ladies loved him because of his David Bowie teeth! He seemed to have a gift for fitting in and making people believe he was one of them. I thought he was originally French Canadian. Some thought he was from Chicago.” —Kate Biscoe

“Steve was a close friend on and off set. We bonded right away. Laughed and joked about 90% of every day together. The other 10% was hair/make-up and asking each other ‘What’s taking so long!?!?’ I’m extremely grateful we had the time we did and that we could be together for his last couple of shows. All my love bellissimo amico xoxo M.” —Michelle Ceglia

From left: Kyra Panchenko, Nicki Ledermann, Steve Artmont and Judy Chin in 2014 | Photo courtesy of Nicki Ledermann

“I first met Steve back in 1993. He, along with John Caglione and myself, went to South Africa to do character make-ups on a regional production. Steve always had a calm relaxed demeanor, no matter the circumstances. I did not know Steve Artmont outside the workplace, but I did enjoy working with him. He will be missed.” —Conor McCullagh

“Hearing the news that Steve Artmont had passed was similar to when I heard Frank Sinatra passed. Steve was the Chairman of the Make-up Board in my eyes. The coolest, calmest, chill guy who everyone wanted to be with. He was confident in his skill as a make-up artist and department head, always leading with a fair and steady hand. He loved his family and enjoyed working with his daughter Nicole as his key. Those two were best of friends and it was fun to watch their banter on set. Steve had a way of making everyone feel at ease and safe under his umbrella. He was just a great guy who I will miss for the rest of my life.” —Howard Berger

Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Local 706 reports that Artmont was a beloved and devoted husband to wife Candy and father of daughter Nicole, a Local 706 make-up artist, and Peter, a graphic artist. On Saturday, March 11, 2017, the family invites all who wish to celebrate and share wonderful memories of him to join them at their home from 12 to 5:00 p.m. Please call Dispatch at Local 706 for the address. Intentions will be said at all masses during Sunday, March 12 at St. Charles Borromeo Church, 10850 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA 91602.