Neveen Dominic, award-winning philanthropist and founder and CEO of both Neveen Dominic Cosmetics and Beauty Response to Cancer Society, is set to release her first book, Beauty From the Ashes of War, on January 31. The inspiring biography narrates her journey as a young South Sudanese refugee with a dream to become a confident, successful woman. In other words, to become who she is today.

Editorial for Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

In her book, Dominic shares the internal struggles associated with bullying and discrimination; how she and her family overcame adversity, persecution, and tragedy; how she started her own company and formed a charitable organization; and how she plans to help others do the same.

Dominic’s overarching goal is to encourage people not to give up on their dreams, no matter how imposing or unrealistic they might seem.

Dominic’s pursuit of her own dreams was not one of ease. Born in Juba, South Sudan, she was raised in a country rife with civil war—it has seen three civil wars since 1972. She had to flee South Sudan in 1996 and is still not able to return, since her life would be at risk. With such a tumultuous past, Dominic’s success in the make-up industry required fierce determination, will power and enduring faith.

After leaving her country, Dominic says, “With prayers and deliberations, we settled in Canada.” From there… Dominic became unstoppable.


Since the launch of her company in 2014, Dominic has enjoyed national and international attention. She was nominated for Fashion Industry Professional for Obsidian Awards (2016) and received Philanthropist of the Year for Vigor Awards International (2016). And currently, is in the finals for Mompreneur Canada—a national business competition. She made it to top 23 out of over 1,200 applicants and is hoping to be announced as the winner on March 3 in Toronto, Canada.

Dominic, now 38 years old, considered many career paths when she was younger, including becoming a teacher, doctor, engineer, lawyer and business owner. “I mostly wanted to please my father and make my family proud,” she says. She considered make-up as a career after being bullied in school for having dark skin tone.

Juba editorial for Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

In Sudan, Dominic says she lived in a constant state of fear.  “I had to watch my back all the time and I couldn’t trust anyone. Critical thinking and survival skills were natural. I always found a way to make things work. I have overcome so much that I became bold, furious and fearless…”

While living in Egypt just after escaping her country, and before moving to Canada, she says, “I considered bleaching my skin so I could be accepted in the Egyptian and reduce the bullying.”

Tensions that surrounded her childhood helped Dominic develop successful traits that shaped not only who she is today but also the corporate culture in general at Neveen Dominic Cosmetics. Her company and the products it delivers are the amalgamation of her past and present: a high-end multi-cultural brand delivering all natural, quality products designed for any skin color.

“Neveen Dominic is more than make-up. It is a social movement. We do not allow our past to define our future. Bullying is one of the worst forms of abuse that anyone can experience. You need to forgive and to learn to love yourself and to know that you are not alone. Bullies have low self-esteem and that is why they bully others. Look at them as mentally ill individuals and move on with your life. My advice is to always follow your dreams and build on your strengths and passion. You will enjoy life more and work will become play time.”

Dominic and her team

Her strength to overcome hardship as well as inspire is the same mentality that can be seen in Dominic’s dedication to philanthropy and Beauty Response to Cancer Society—a charity that assists cancer clients in dealing with the cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments; they offer free wigs and cosmetics and radiation treatment. “It is our way of giving cancer clients strength and courage in their fight,” says Dominic. “I want clients to feel good when they are purchasing our products. We care about the ingredients in our products and we ethically source.”

Dominic says she attributes her success to faith in God, family and fear of failure. “Failure is my greatest fear because so many people have high expectations from me and so do I. Failure is not an option for me. That is my attitude towards it. Every day when I pray and thank God for His blessing in my life, I feel successful. Before I go to bed every night, I go through my daily achievements and let failure know that there is no room for it to exist because success has filled out all the room available. That is how I overcame failure.

“The Bible says that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed I can move mountains. That is exactly what has been happening. I am often called crazy when I share my ideas with people. I love it when this word turns into brilliance. In fact, I got so accustomed to it that if someone doesn’t call my idea crazy, it is not special enough. The beauty of crazy ideas is that no one will pursue them except those who believe in them. It eliminates competition and gives an opportunity for leadership and dominion.”

To all the young budding make-up artist out there Dominic says: “Have fun! There is no wrong or right way to do things. Your passion for make-up will make you the best make-up artist if you don’t accept defeat and you commit to mastering your skills. Never compare yourself to anyone but yourself. And be your biggest cheerleader.”

Neveen Dominic will be released on January 31st. Preordering is available online at website