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Nothing says spooky like tales from the Brothers Grimm, who began scaring readers as far back as the 1800s. Their creations have served as creative fodder ever since; in honor of Halloween, we asked make-up artists from different parts of the industry for their take on a favorite Grimm character. Here, we share the results, including some insight into how the characters were done. Enjoy!


Title: The Queen Meets Snow-White
Make-up artist Einat Dan says, “I always liked the story of Snow-White, and the contrast between the pure face of Snow-White and the evil, beautiful queen. I created the styling of the queen a bit more glamorous and gothic at the same time: strong eyes and lips and a very pale face. I contoured her face with body-painting colors, and I added some pearls to make the look more rich. To complete the look, I added a crown made by a mask designer from Venice.”

Photographer: Ben Asif
Make-up and concept: Einat Dan
Model: Marleen Genau for 1 Model Management
Headpieces: Benetti Alessio
Beauty Retouch: Camilla Camaglia
Digital Artist: Asaf Wismel


Title: Snow-White
Denis Kartashev says, “Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of my favorite fairy tales from my childhood. I do like the philosophy behind the tale and it is impressive how the authors presented it—it is also very creative. As a make-up artist, I tried to embrace the beauty, youth and innocence of the main character; therefore, I chose a glowing beauty look for her. Nothing extravagant, but I think very striking lips should stay as the main focus. To picture the moment of poisoning, I decided to use very contrasting blood-colored face contouring; nevertheless, she stays as beautiful and feminine even when she is dead.”

Make-up: Denis Kartashev
Creative Director: Pasha Pavlov
Photographer Karen Kananian
Photo Assistant: Aleksey Svetlyakov
Stylist: Olga Kalafati
Models: Gela Chinyaeva (Grace Models), Kovalevich Slava


Title: The Frog King
“Open the door, my princess dear, open the door to thy true love here!” —The Frog King. Of the Brothers Grimm story The Frog King, make-up artist Floriane David says, “You never know what fate has waiting for you.”

Make-up: Floriane David, lead educator, Make Up For Ever Academy New York
Model: Kiki Ismail
Photographer: Miguel Herrera


Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Make-up artist Todd Debreceni describes his Brothers Grimm concept this way: “We wanted to create an image that might appear on the front page of the local newspaper describing how the Huntsman rescued Red Riding Hood and Grandma from the Wolf.”

Location: DIY Film Studios
Make-up effects design/application: Todd Debreceni
Costumes/wardrobe/additional make-up: Kevin Copenhaver
Props: Todd Debreceni, Kevin Copenhaver
Make-up assistants: Ray Marquez, Jonathan Rash, Michelle Riley Carbaugh
Photography: Britnee Renee Mitchell
The Wolf: Brian Landis Folkins
Grandma: Billie McBride
Little Red Riding Hood: Meghan Anderson Doyle
The Huntsman: Brian Conway