The Pat McGrath Labs label has always been a bit of a tease. The highly sought after make-up line has had us chasing after its fleeting existence for years. Finally, Pat McGrath is ready to commit. Starting this month, Pat McGrath Labs make-up line will be permanently stocked at Sephora, recently announced by Sephora.

The new “Unlimited” core collection includes a total of 61 products. While three eye shadow palettes will be included, the Mothership Eyeshadow Palette seems to be the most anticipated of the collection and will be available in three color combos with seven different finishes.

The core collection will also bring nine new shades of MatteTrance lipsticks, 31 LuxeTrance lipsticks, 12 long-wearing lip pencils, five eye pencils and the Dark Star Mascara.

Already getting out your credit card? Well, here are the details: McGrath’s core collection will be available in two waves. At midnight on Sept. 16, all 40 lipsticks will be available, and then on Sept. 28, you can pick up the lip liners, pencils, eye shadow palettes and mascara. Initally, these two rollouts will only be available on Then on Oct. 6, the collection will be available at 25 Sephora stores and Sephora will be the brand’s exclusive retailer.

If you are looking to get a jump on these rollouts, McGrath will hold a “secret” pre-sale event sometime this month—maintaining some of the exclusivity of the beauty brand’s former self. No specific date has been released, but the event will be for subscribers to her site only, who will receive an email invite to shop before the launch.

Of the collection, McGrath told WWD, “A lot of these colors are my all-time colors for the last 25 years. … I can say, ‘This was the palette when you saw me do a tan and a bronze for Versace.’ I re-created shadows that I had to make to get that beautiful, rich seductive brown or that incredible metallic gold pigment that doesn’t exist unless it’s made out of eight different formulas.”

“Mother,” as McGrath is commonly referred to in the beauty industry, spent two years in the development process of her core collection. She ultimately made the decision to move away from single product launches and into a permanent collection in the hopes of building a fully realized beauty brand. However, limited editions, which is what the brand has been known for, will continue to be a part of the business.