Perfect365 Pro Color Wheel
Perfect365 Pro Color Wheel

Digital beauty has entered the make-up world. With Perfect365 Pro’s new technology, make-up artists can now give clients a realistic idea of a make-up prior to real-life application. This new platform will also allow make-up artists to communicate with their clients as well as manage and organize profiles.

According to the recent survey by Poshly, Bay Area Beauty Association and Perfect365, as the buyer demographics shift towards millennials the marketplace is rising to meet them. This means new technology that is increasingly convenient—and Perfect365 Pro puts new technology in the palm of the hand.

“The rise of the millennial buyer is causing a surge in the beauty industry. Allowing customers to learn about products and experiment with them on their smartphones prior to making an online or in-store purchase is key,” said Sinead Norenius-Raniere, board member of the Bay Area Beauty Association.

So how does it work? Perfect365 Pro uses face-detection technology to virtually apply make-up to clients. In addition, people in the community can scroll through and find profiles of make-up artists within the app and request an appointment with any make-up artist on the app.

Perfect365 Pro also works with brands by digitizing complete looks, which can be adjusted and re-created by a brand’s make-up artists. This means looks can be adjusted for new lines or seasons. When a brand make-up artist logs in to the app, instead of having general colors to use on lips, eyes and face, they will have the brand’s specific colors.

“Perfect365 Pro will drastically change the make-up industry. For my clients, getting the look right is the only option. Now, with the face-detection technology in Perfect365 Pro, I can experiment and play with make-up looks on my client prior to applying it for a photo shoot, and I can give them a realistic idea of what it will look like. Digital beauty is really the future of my industry,” said Kabuki, celebrity make-up artist and Perfect365 Pro beauty adviser.

Perfect365 Inc. is an award-winning company that created a free make-up and beauty platform that has generated more than 100 million users. Now, with this technology, Perfect365 Pro is set to evolve the make-up industry.

“For make-up artists, there is currently no solution that helps them create looks and organize client files all in one place. Yet, 96 percent of make-up artists would use a solution that could manage clients and all of their files in a centralized place. We are building on the success of Perfect365 by introducing a platform that both consumers and make-up artists can benefit from,” said Vickie Wei, marketing director for Perfect365, Inc.