The Portland Fashion Week runway lit up Sept. 12-14, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center, just as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was winding down in New York (click here). While East Coasters tuned in to the Spring/Summer 2014 make-up forecast, Portland audiences were greeted with Fall/Winter 2013 trends. “The focus is on what’s in now, to benefit the consumer,” explained PFW Fashion and Beauty Director Abibat Durosimi of Tabiba Styles.

2013 Portland Fashion Week: hair director Chachi
Hair director Chachi

She and the show’s hair director, Chachi, worked with approximately 30 hair and make-up people (drawn from a pool of freelancers and salon workers), 40 local designers and more than 100 models in the course of the three-day series. Among the top make-up trends: metallics—gold, silver and bronze—lip colors in rich, creamy tones, and dewy skin: “The goal for the Fall/Winter shows is a sun-kissed look that carried over from spring,” Durosimi said.

2013 Portland Fashion Week: behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

The make-up for the shows was sponsored by two Portland-based companies—Skull Sugar Cosmetics and retailer Blush Beauty Bar—as well as M.A.C. and Sephora, and Durosimi made use of various sponsor products, including Skull Sugar bronzers and eye shadows (metallics and brights), M.A.C. Studio Fix (“great for photography,” she said), M.A.C. Prep + Prime Natural Radiance and Nars Cosmetics blush colors. She praised Skull Sugar for their “all-natural, highly pigmented” cosmetic line.

PFW opened with the Portland Art Intitute showcase, “The Future of Fashion.” The make-up team’s strategy, Durosimi said, was to start with more natural looks that they could build upon as the collections grew progressively more avant-garde. Hair was characterized by what Chachi described as “lots of volume, natural textures, undone looks” as well as severe parts and high shine. Over the course of the evening, the fresh faces that accompanied a lingerie collection eventually took on a harder-edged street aesthetic, with purple lips and inky eye-shadow shades.

2013 Portland Fashion Week: Amrapali

Day two of the event began with a bridal fashion show, showcasing designs by four local designers. The show kicked off with rich, sultry looks to accompany Amrapali’s Bollywood wedding designs, then, Durosimi said, “the make-up took on a more soft and simple look to accompany the elegant designs [of the other three designers.]”

And what are the current wedding make-up trends? Durosimi said, “For the fall season, we love soft gray tones, silver metallics, nude lips and lots of lashes. And royal colors for evening: purple, gold, green tones—Rebel [Lipstick] from M.A.C. is a favorite for rich lips.”

According to Durosimi, all the designers had their own teams of make-up artists with whom they created looks. “It was fun because everyone [the designers] had their own cultural backgrounds to bring to it,” she said.

2013 Portland Fashion Week: Beauty Director Abibat Durosimi
Beauty Director Abibat Durosimi

The catwalk finale, “Dream Luxe,” took place Saturday night and featured looks from four designers. Make-up for the show was “all about the eyes,” Durosimi said, with models wearing what she called double cat eyes. As the night went on, the looks got edgier with more black eye liner and, for the final designer (Devonation), a pearl teardrop was added under each eye. Durosimi (left) described the skin for all the looks as fresh and clean with a little warmth to the cheeks. Hair looks went from soft, romantic curls to slick updos with pompadour pieces to oversized top puffs.

Overall, Durosimi was happy with how the still-growing Portland Fashion Week turned out. The looks she and her team created, she said, were for the “glamorous girl next door,” and she enjoyed bringing the consumers wearable make-up looks.

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Reporting by Chantel Heister, Cori Stoddard and Heather Wisner

2013 Portland Fashion Week: Deyonte Weather
Deyonte Weather