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What’s new in make-up products, colors and accessories.

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1. Cover Land

Dermaflage’s Behind the Scenes Concealer covers everything! Yes, literally … This product is hard working and can be used to cover tattoos, bruises, dark circles, scars, acne, redness and the like. This full coverage concealer is waterproof and will last all day. Won’t crease or smudge. Use this creamy, conditioning concealer to perfect personal blemishes or use as your work horse on set. This palette contains a spectrum of shades that are easy to mix and match to achieve the perfect tone. Dries matte with no tackiness. dermaflage.com

*Look for their new packaging on their website.

2. Fallout War

Protect your canvas without having to worry about messy cleanup with Shadow Shields The Original. These are reusable and disposable and designed to eliminate fallout. The adhesive leaves you hands-free, which is great! Also, we discovered that if you get creative these puppies have many uses. From creating that perfect cat eye, to precision lipstick application, we loved the variation. They are gentle enough on the skin that make-up removal doesn’t occur when removing. Very convenient and handy! shadowshields.com

3. Industry Spirit 

This is an oldie but a goodie for sure. Invented in 1994, Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner this spirit revolutionized the industry—which has been flooded with competitors ever since. But it’s hard to top perfection! Made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, this brush cleaner smells delightful, is easy on brushes and cleans, conditions and disinfects with ease. Use this product to clean anything and everything: clothes, wigs, false lashes and facial hair. Basically, this is the WD-40 of the make-up industry. It’s simple, effective and gentle. parianspirit.com

4. Bleeding Art

We’ve covered a lot of blood palettes, but what sets European Body Art’s Encore SLIM Alcohol Activated Blood Palette apart is that is perfect when space and budget are limited. The five-color palette comes with an activator, brush and sponge. The formula is waterproof and durable. EBA offers this kind of palette in three other styles: Bruise, SFX Primary and Tattoo. This palette includes the colors: Fresh Blood, Dried Blood, Vein Blood, Aged Blood and Mauve. Blendable with exceptional layering and realistic results. europeanbodyart.com

5. Red Zapper

Paula really made a good choice with CLEAR Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution. This Paula’s Choice product does a number of wonderful things for your skin: gently exfoliates, unclogs and minimizes pores, fades red marks and leaves the skin clean and smooth. This formula is extremely light weight and doesn’t have any harsh ingredients. It’s non-abrasive, non-irritating and calms the skin while evening out skin tone. paulaschoice.com.au

6. Infinitely Gilded  

Francesca Tolot and OFRA’s recent collaboration resulted in some super fun products including the Infinite Palette and the Gilded Palette. The Infinite Palette plays with vibrant colors and sports a nice variety of mattes, shimmers and satins. Love the level of pigmentation in these shadows and they blend beautifully. The Gilded Palette’s combo of blushes and bronzers hits you from all angles, allowing for many variations of sun kissed glowing skin. The pans are also refillable within the magnetic compact—love this feature. ofracosmetics.com

7. Mist and Tell

Haven’t tried May Lindstrom Skin’s The Jasmine Garden Botanical Facial Mist yet? Well, get ready to be transported to a lush botanical garden where jasmine infused mist gently moisturizes and nourishes your face. This antibacterial facial mist is not only infused with jasmine but also with ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and cocoa. Basically, a powerful mood elevating concoction. Ethereal and light, this is a magical botanical nectar that refreshes any skin type. maylindstrom.com

8. Down and Flirty

Ready to have some fun with your skincare routine?! Leaders Insolution Daily Wonders Mask Kit is a playful way to hydrate, clarify and soothe your skin. These Korean sheet masks are made out of premium cotton and are loaded with revitalizing ingredients. The kit includes 6 masks—each with amusing names. Our testers favorite: Break-up with Your Ex-skin Cells, which left her skin radiant and dewy. Don’t forget the cute cat ear headband that is included—a cute detail to make this a perfectly flirty part of your skin care routine. leaderscosmeticsusa.com

9. Glaze of Thunder

Looking for a lip glaze that is smooth as glass, long-lasting and non-sticky?! Look no further! FACE atelier’s Lip Glaze in Clear is impossibly shiny and also protects the lips. The applicator is also prime, as its slanted tip is more sanitary than wands and makes it easy to dispense onto a palette. Our tester used this on top of FACE atelier’s Red Fuchsia Lip Stick and found the bold combo ideal for cold winter nights out on the town. This lip stick to be well-pigmented and the glaze is high performing—also, a little goes a long way. faceatelier.com

10. Good and Fenty

Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix come in 10 extremely cool shades. We tested Unicorn and Yacht Lyfe; the formula is lightweight and glides on with ease. These are fun to play with for a number of reasons. The containers are magnetic and stick together! We love this, as you can keep them in a neat row on your counter top. Just want one? The hexagon shape will keep it from rolling away. Oh, and the way the iridescence catches the light is breathtaking. Unicorn’s lavender created a cool sheen, while Yacht Lyfe’s pink-coral finished deliciously golden and shimmery.  fentybeauty.com