Feb/Mar 1999 Issue 17


February / March 1999

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Oscar Fever: Who Will Take Oscar Home?

The 1999 Academy Awards, the last Oscars of the century, will bring relief to a world that has been holding its breath in anticipation. We spoke with the make-up artists whose work put them in the running for the Oscar. The six films that have been selected for their excellence in make-up, in a wide range of styles and techniques, are: Saving Private Ryan, Shakespeare in Love, Star Trek: Insurrection, Elizabeth, Beloved, and The Mask of Zorro. Join us for a look behind the closed doors of the Academy.

Michael Westmore

Nobody in Hollywood consistently employs as many make-up artists as Michael Westmore. He has created a unique empire, stylized after the Heyday of Hollywood. He has a way about him, always confident, always relaxed. Once a day player even mistook him for the producer. Join MA as Editor-in-Chief Michael Key interviews “make-up producer” Michael Westmore about his legendary family, his busy career and his future plans.

The House of Westmore

In the history of modern American cinema, there are but few legacies of make-up artists. While legendary Burman, Norin and Dawn names each include three generations of make-up artists, there is but one lasting family that features four working generations: the Westmores of Hollywood. With ties to virtually every studio in the annals of cinema, the Westmores have created classic make-ups in top contemporary films and TV shows dating back to the earliest years of silent film. MA discusses the rise of the Westmore clan and the legacy they’ve left in Hollywood.


Industry News: Stories covered include:
Steve Johnson Ties the Knot
Visioar & Viseart Seminar set for March 1999
Battlefield Earth
Upcoming Shows & Exhibitions
School News

Retro Reviews:
John Goodwin reviews the live-action 1987 Masters of the Universe.

Beauty Breakdown:
Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.

Dick’s Corner:
Dick discusses the human face.

Back Stage:
Gary Christensen shares some of the “bits and pieces” he has collected back stage.

Tech Tips:
Barry R. Koper reviews the usefulness of Propoxy 20.