Jan/Feb 2012 Issue 94


January / February 2012 

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Good Times in the Great White North: Festive vibe at third annual IMATS Toronto. By Erica Shallow

Spies, Superheroes and a Season of Witches: Oscar Watch 2011, part two. By Joe Nazzaro

Model Maker: Emmy-winning artist Valenté Frazier makes up a bevy of beauties. By Martha Calhoon

Top Shop: Millennium FX makes monsters for primetime and goes Gaga at the Grammys. By Joe Nazzaro

A Splash of Color: Artist Lan Nguyen’s use of color and texture brighten winter’s dreary days.

Brittania Rules!: U.K. sets the scene for Spielberg, Scorsese and Shakespeare films. By Joe Nazzaro