In Issue #126, The Education Issue, of Make-Up Artist magazine, we got nostalgic for the days of signing yearbooks and asked teachers from Make-up Designory and Cinema Makeup School to interview alumni who have gone on to career success. Then we let the former students turn the tables. How has the industry changed since both began? What advice do they give to potential students?

In this online extended content, we bring you the actual footage of those interviews.

In this first installment, Leonard Engelman—a professional make-up artist in film and television for more than 50 years and also the vice president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the director of education emeritus at Cinema Makeup School—sits down with one of his former student’s at the school: Jennifer Quinteros—or JQ, as Leonard likes to call her—who has gone on to big success with such hits as X-Men: First Class, Freakish and Godless.      

Check out their interview in the videos below, or pick up a copy of Make-Up Artist magazine Issue #126 to read all three interviews.

Leonard Engelman and Jennifer Quinteros 

PART 1: Leonard and Jennifer discuss their early interest in the make-up industry and how they each became a make-up artist.

PART 2: The pair discuss how they got their start, initial “big” breaks and first major projects.

PART 3: Jennifer reveals how she broke into the industry.

PART 4: Leonard tells an interesting story about how he became chairman of The Motion Picture Academy.