In Issue #126, The Education Issue, of Make-Up Artist magazine, we got nostalgic for the days of signing yearbooks and asked teachers from Make-up Designory and Cinema Makeup School to interview alumni who have gone on to career success. Then we let the former students turn the tables. How has the industry changed since both began? What advice do they give to potential students?

In this online extended content, we bring you the actual footage of those interviews.

In this second installment, Paul Thompson (director of education at Make-up Designory, who has worked with prominent actors, musicians and entertainment personalities) sits down with former student Angel Radefeld-Wright. They talk about MUD, the evolution of make-up education, and of course Radefeld-Wright’s blossoming career, which includes the hit TV series Ray Donovan, and the mega Oscar winner La La Land.

Part 1: Paul and Angel discuss how they became interested in make-up and how they ended up at MUD.

Part 2: Angel discusses her experience working on the smash hit La La Land.

Part 3: Angel talks about her work on Ray Donovan and what it takes to make it in the make-up industry.

Part 4: Advice to make-up students, discussion on social media’s influence, and how to become successful in a competitive market.

Part 5: Paul talks about being a MUD teacher, the evolution of the school and navigating teaching styles—as well as what it takes to succeed as a make-up student at the school.