We all know the make-up industry is a beast and becoming a make-up artist requires an insane amount of persistence, passion and innovation. Any time make-up artists trudge their way through an overgrown forest of obstacles, rise to the canopy and begin to spread their wings so to speak … we here at Make-Up Artist magazine take note. Because, like, that’s totally not an easy thing to do.

We call these artists: Rising Stars.

Tara Louise Kemp’s talent made us do a double take at IMATS London this year, where we, quite smittenly, presented the 18-year-old with a huge (literally) first-place check for her character make-up in Battle of the Brushes—that’s our student make-up competition, which is the original Face Off … just sayin’.

While Kemp has taken basic courses in make-up artistry, she is largely self-taught. Spending hours upon hours watching videos online, Kemp has whet her skills and honed her craft. Today she sports a rather large client list and is certainly on the upswing of her make-up career.

She says she finds inspiration in her fellow make-up artists and their creations. “Seeing characters in films, bringing their artwork to life,” she explains, “I’ve always wanted to do that myself and bring my own creations to life.”

Kemp says that the Battle of the Brushes was one of her proudest achievements. She recollects: “It was such an amazing experience meeting all the other artists and being around all the positive people. Winning was a big shock for me and I never thought I’d have the chance to take part in such a big event … no doubt winning it! It’s helped me publicly; a lot of people have recognized my work to be mine and I guess that’s the best thing of all.”

The future is wide open for Kemp. Battle of the Brushes and IMATS London was a mere stepping stone in her path toward a blossoming career. We look forward to catching more of Kemp’s character make-ups. She has aspirations to join the Hollywood ranks and even start her own company. But whichever direction she chooses, we can’t wait to see this star rise.

Tara Louise Kemp and her winning Battle of the Brushes make-up at IMATS London
Kemp and her winning Battle of the Brushes make-up at IMATS London | Photo by Nick Wall, © 2018 Key Publishing Group

To connect with Kemp, you can find her on Facebook page here and check out her time-lapse video below of her creating one of her stunning make-ups.