Sue Cabral-Ebert
Sue Cabral-Ebert

The Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (IATSE, Local 706) has elected Sue Cabral-Ebert as president for the fifth time. Her unprecedented fifth, three-year term will begin Jan. 1, 2016. Several other members were re-elected: Business Representative Tommy Cole (also re-elected for the fifth time), Secretary-Treasurer John E. Jackson, Vice President Julie Socash and Sergeant-at-Arms Barbara Dally. Vanessa Dionne has been newly elected as Recording Secretary.

The new Board of Trustee members are:
Make-up: Jennifer Aspinall, John Damiani, Ned Neidhardt, Robert Romero and Jenna N. Wittman
Hair: David Larson, Polly Lucke, Lucia Mace and Anthony Wilson

The new Executive Board members are:
Make-up: Elena Arroy, Shutchai “Tym” Buacharern, Brigitte Bugayong, Robert Kato DeStefan, Margaret Elliott-Germain, P. Mike Germain, John Goodwin, Camille Henderson, Brian L. Kinney, Cheri Minns, Michelle Radow, Lia Robin, Teresa Vest, Karen Westerfield and David Williams
Hair: Michael Davis, Kim M. Ferry, Ursula Hawks, Maggie Hayes-Jackson, Pauletta Lewis-Irwin, Lisa Meyers, Randy L. Sayer and Colette Slattery

In announcing the results, Cabral-Ebert said, “We have accomplished so much this past term, including the passing of AB 1839 bringing production back to California. We are grateful to the members for their support so we can continue good work on their behalf.”