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Issue 138 Now on Sale Read more

Issue 138 Now on Sale

For our Emmy Watch Issue 138, you’ll find 27 pages for your consideration, covering six amazing shows. The behind-the-scenes look on how these make-ups were created is both fascinating and extraordinary. But that’s not the…
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Crime and Punishment Read more

Crime and Punishment

Les Misérables is remade as a lavish BBC mini-series. It’s always difficult to take on a new incarnation of a familiar story, but for Jacqueline Fowler, make-up/hair designer on the BBC’s new six-part adaptation of…
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Theory of Colortivity Read more

Theory of Colortivity

Do you know your color theory? In the world of make-up, color is king. Understanding how to develop and use color accurately requires knowledge of the spectrum—plus a dash of philosophy, science and emotional sincerity…
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Artistic Kinship Read more

Artistic Kinship

When make-up artist/photographer/innovator Roque Cozzette agreed to collaborate on this project, Sheila McKenna was thrilled. With creativity at the core, McKenna says, the results were destined to be beautiful. Artist Tamara de Lempicka was McKenna’s…
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