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Behind the Mask

“Halloween was the first horror movie I was introduced to as a kid,” [Vincent] Van Dyke continues, “so when Chris [Nelson] came to me with this project, I was tremendously excited."
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Hello, Halloween Inspo! Read more

Hello, Halloween Inspo!

Who’s excited for Halloween?! If you’re still brainstorming costume ideas, we wanted to inspire you a little. Kerry Herta recently did an awesome make-up for an American Horror Story: Apocalypse promo campaign. Here, she shares…
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Dark Beauty

Nelly Recchia dabbled in theater, dance and languages before embracing make-up artistry (particularly body painting) as a means of expression. It was an inspired choice: she has emerged as a versatile artist with an intricate,…
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Our Halloween Outlook? Grimm

  This article first appeared in Issue 110 of Make-Up Artist magazine. To see the original article, similar articles and more photos, subscribe to our Online Edition. Nothing says spooky like tales from the Brothers Grimm,…
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